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Nebraska Pol Quits Over 2K Late-Night Calls to Women

Lt. Gov. Rick Sheehy already had marital problems

(Newser) - Nebraska's lieutenant governor quit today and didn't have a word to say about it. Gov. Dave Heineman announced Rick Sheehy's resignation after a newspaper uncovered 2,000 late-night phone calls Sheehy made to women other than his wife. "I've got a knot in my stomach,... More »

Attack Ad Doesn't Show Democrat Masturbating: GOP

He's bare-chested. So what?

(Newser) - The web has no shortage of salacious videos—and a new one, compliments of the GOP, appears to depict a Democratic nominee for the Senate masturbating. Roger Ebert—who knows a thing or two about film—declared the video "vile!" but the National Republican Senatorial Committee insists its... More »

SC Lt. Gov. Compares Poor People to 'Stray Animals'

Andre Bauer refuses to back off remarks about welfare recipients

(Newser) - Mark Sanford is no longer the most embarrassing politician in South Carolina: His lieutenant governor, Andre Bauer, is in hot water after comparing government assistance for the poor to "feeding stray animals." Said Bauer, who is running to succeed Sanford as governor: "You're facilitating the problem if... More »

Sanford: I Won't Be 'Railroaded' Out of Office

(Newser) - South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford rebuffed his lieutenant governor's call to resign today, two months after he admitted an affair, saying he will not be "railroaded" out of office and plans to finish his term. At a news conference hours after Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer called for him to... More »

Paterson Names Lt. Gov to Break NY Senate Standoff

GOP gets court order suspending move

(Newser) - In a desperate play to break the weeks-long deadlock in the New York State Senate, David Paterson last night named a lieutenant governor, who could preside over the hamstrung body and cast tie-breaking votes. But Republicans say they’ve obtained a court order suspending the beleaguered governor's appointment. Richard Ravitch,... More »

Sanford Scandal Divides SC Republicans

Controversial lieutenant gov would get office, jump on 2010 race

(Newser) - Term limits mean Mark Sanford must leave the South Carolina governor's office in 2010, and some state Republicans are hoping he doesn't go anywhere before then, Politico reports. They may be unhappy with his recent conduct, but should he resign, the office would go to a lieutenant governor who’s... More »

Sanford's Wife: His Career, His Problem

(Newser) - Jenny Sanford doesn’t much care what political fate befalls her cheating husband, CNN reports. “His career is not a concern of mine,” South Carolina's first lady told reporters as she left the family’s vacation home. “He’s going to have to worry about that. I’... More »

Meet Blago's Unlikely Replacement

Crusader Quinn promises to 'fumigate' state government

(Newser) - Rod Blagojevich never wanted Patrick Quinn as his running mate. Few Democrats would. Quinn is a notorious gadfly, who’s spent 40 years ruffling feathers with his populist crusades and citizens’ initiatives, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. He’s not planning on calming down as governor, either. “We can do... More »

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