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Charles Schulz's Home Destroyed in California Inferno

Home of late 'Peanuts' creator burned to ground; widow escapes, son's home also destroyed

(Newser) - The home of Peanuts creator Charles Schulz burned to the ground in the deadly California wildfires, but his widow escaped, her stepson said Thursday. Jean Schulz, 78, evacuated before flames engulfed her hillside home Monday and is staying with a daughter, Monte Schulz says. The Schulzes built the split-level home... More »

Woman From China Said to Be Mystery Buyer of Trump Childhood Home

Trump Birth House LLC spent $2.14M for the Jamaica Estates abode

(Newser) - Someone has agreed to hand over $2.14 million for President Trump's childhood home in Queens—and an unnamed neighbor tells the New York Times she's witnessed suited-up people pulling up to the Jamaica Estates home in black luxury SUVs and speaking Chinese since the secretive deal went... More »

Artist Dismantles Rosa Parks' Old Home, Takes It Overseas

Ryan Mendoza on holding Detroit structure 'hostage' in Berlin: 'America ... it's going to cost you'

(Newser) - What do you do if the blighted home your famous aunt once lived in is on the demolition list and you can't raise the funds to preserve it? In the case of Rosa Parks' former house in Detroit, her niece donated it to artist Ryan Mendoza, who took it... More »

Tesla CEO: Our New Home Battery Does Not 'Suck'

Elon Musk intros Powerwall battery to soak up sun in the day, power homes at night

(Newser) - The guy who's diligently working on a plan to transport humans to Mars has also been toiling on a project that makes use of the sun. That project, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery made by Tesla called Powerwall , is designed to be installed in homes and store solar energy to... More »

Lizzie Borden's House Up for Sale

She moved there after the axe murders

(Newser) - The house where Lizzie Borden spent her life after her sensational trial is up for sale. Located in Fall River, Massachusetts, the Queen Anne Victorian dubbed Maplecroft is on the market for $650,000, reports the local Herald News . Lizzie lived in another house in the same town in 1892... More »

Call Centers Return to US, With a Twist

More companies hire trained operators to work from home

(Newser) - It’s still not as cheap as outsourcing to India or the Philippines, but US companies are increasingly choosing homegrown telephone operators to handle their customer service needs. The trend is fueled by the advent of “phonesourcing” or “homesourcing,” which uses linkups to allow trained operators to... More »

Ladies, Pick Up Thy Power Tool

(Newser) - Sara Mosle “came of age betwixt and between,” she writes on DoubleX—after feminism had freed women from the need to learn “traditional female skills” but before “they had begun to make real inroads into traditional male pastimes and professions.” So that left her with... More »

Wright's 'Temple on the Hill' for Sale in LA

(Newser) - A fixer-upper is on the market in Los Angeles, but it will still set you back $15 million. Frank Lloyd Wright's Ennis House, which he built in 1924 and nicknamed the "temple on the hill," is for sale, reports NPR. The architectural gem boasts magnificent views of the... More »

Can't Afford a Hotel? Swap Homes With a Stranger

Idea's been around for decades, but recession sparks new interest

(Newser) - The recession is giving new meaning to the phrase “mi casa es su casa.” Instead of springing for pricey hotel rooms and car rentals, thrifty holidaymakers are swapping with strangers for a summer getaway, Time reports. While home exchanges aren’t new—one company has been around since... More »

Baldwin House Going Up for Auction

(Newser) - The house of financially challenged actor Stephen Baldwin is going up for auction later this month, the Lower Hudson Journal News reports. The I'm a Celebrity—Get Me Out of Here! star paid $515,000 for the New York state property 12 years ago, but he and wife Kennya have... More »

Celebs Headed for Foreclosure

Jacko, Canseco, Ed McMahon fight for roofs over their heads

(Newser) - Even the famous aren't immune to foreclosure, as these celebrities, listed in Forbes, prove:
  • Xzibit: A pimped ride hasn’t been enough to pay the bills on his $536,000 Woodland Hills, Calif., home.
  • Jose Canseco: The ex-ballplayer, who penned a book on big-league steroids, stands to lose his $2.
... More »

Mugabe Buys Secret $5.8M Hong Kong Getaway

Prez spends lavishly as Zimbabwean economy implodes

(Newser) - While his country battles massive inflation, unemployment and cholera, Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has secretly bought a $5.8 million residence in Hong Kong, the Times of London reports. His wife recently spent some $80,000 on Vietnamese statues and $12,500 on a bag. When she recently discussed a... More »

Cash-Squeezed Bereaved Hold Funerals at Home

Home funerals can save thousands in tough times

(Newser) - Amid the recession, many who’ve lost loved ones are turning to less expensive in-home funerals, the Los Angeles Times reports, and it's creating a booming business for “death midwives,” consultants versed in preparing bodies and completing paperwork for such services. Once, such midwives were in demand for... More »

Candidates Lack 'Placeness': Noonan

Neither McCain or Obama has strong ties to any one location

(Newser) - This year's presidential campaign gives no sense of the candidates' roots, writes Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal. Clinton was clearly a Southerner, and JFK unmistakably an Irish Catholic from Massachusetts, but “Obama and McCain are not from a place, but from an experience”--Obama from “the... More »

Cluttered? '100 Thing Challenge' Awaits

If your life is 'littered with unfulfilled promises,' purge, blogger challenges

(Newser) - A crusading blogger is inspiring citizens to take on a predicament of modern life: clutter. Dave Bruno launched the 100 Thing Challenge in an effort to free himself from his stuff, and he's down to just 97 belongings, Time reports. And while Bruno is a strict constructionist, some of his... More »

New York City Woman Sued for Smoking—at Home

Neighbors allege health risk from smoke that seeped into hallway

(Newser) - Forget bans in bars and restaurants—Galila Huff’s neighbors want to stop her from smoking in her own apartment. The New York restaurateur smokes up to two packs a day, and lawyers who live 50 feet down the hall say the smoke seeps into their 10x100-foot common hallway. They... More »

10 Best Family Towns

From the Rockies to a Miami suburb, perfect places to raise your babies

(Newser) - These places earned Family Circle's attention with for their serenity, natural beauty, community, and culture. Living costs, commutes, and crime rates are low, but schools and museums rank high. They're all BYOB: Bring Your Own Baby.
  1. Castle Rock, Colo.
  2. Diamond Bar, Calif.
  3. Morton Grove, Ill.
  4. Cedar Park, Texas
  5. Derby, Kan.
... More »

Best Places to Call Home 2007

Money mag looks to the Midwest for the cream—or should that be cheese?—of the crop

(Newser) - Some places have it all: affordable, good schools, job opportunities, family friendly, and plenty of stuff to do. Money magazine is out with its annual list of the best places to live in America. The top 10:
  1. Middleton, Wisc.
  2. Hanover, NH
  3. Louisville, Colo.
  4. Lake Mary, Fla.
  5. Claremont, Calif.
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