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Mysterious Smoke Pours From Soon-to-Close Russian Consulate

Officials say fire was in fireplace, don't let firefighters inside

(Newser) - The San Francisco Fire Department says acrid, black smoke seen pouring from a chimney at the Russian consulate in San Francisco was apparently from a fire burning in a fireplace. The AP reports the smoke was seen billowing from the consulate building a day after the Trump administration ordered its... More »

Fight Over Smoke Threatens Sacred Texas BBQ

Austin decides not to regulate, but neighbors of one restaurant have sued

(Newser) - Austin is a barbecue town, and anyone who lives there "may very well live downwind of a barbecue joint," notes a post at Munchies . That may sound great, but for those who live too close, the smoke can be a real problem. After neighbors complained, a city council... More »

Man Arrested for Blowing Pot Smoke Into Baby's Mouth

Not the first time Oregon man did it: pal

(Newser) - "That was stupid of me" is what Christopher Robert Kling allegedly said to Beaverton, Ore., police as he allegedly wept during his arrest for allegedly committing what is not allegedly (but actually) an awful crime: blowing pot smoke into his own 1-year-old baby's mouth, KATU reports. The 22-year-old... More »

Two-Thirds of Americans Exposed to Wildfire Smoke

Health hazard spans farther than people think, warns report

(Newser) - The US is going to experience more and more wildfires in the coming years, and that's going to pose a much bigger health risk than you might assume, the Natural Resources Defense Council warned in a new report today. Nearly 212 million Americans—or about two-thirds of us—lived... More »

7 Kids Dead in Farmhouse Fire

Three-year-old the lone survivor

(Newser) - A fire roared through a rural Pennsylvania farmhouse last night, taking with it the lives of seven of the family's eight children, ages nine months to 11, reports the Patriot-News . As mother Janelle Clouse milked cows in the barn around 10pm and father Ted drove a milk truck, 3-year-old Leah... More »

Your Fireplace Could Give You Cancer

Particles in smoke are as bad as car exhaust, say scientists

(Newser) - Ahh, fireplaces: cozy, romantic, and … as bad for you as car exhaust fumes? Apparently so: New research reveals that breathing in the smoke from open fires or wood-burning stoves can lead to cancer, and heart and lung disease. The airborne particles in the smoke are particularly harmful because they’... More »

Wildfire Smoke Chokes Moscow

Fires rage over 500,000 acres

(Newser) - Huge wildfires have blanketed Moscow in a fog of heavy smoke, stinging the eyes and throats of the city's 10 million residents. Firefighters are wrestling with almost 600 distinct fires covering 500,000 acres, CNN reports. The resulting smoke has seeped into subways and apartments throughout Moscow, driving carbon monoxide... More »

Wildfire Smoke Shrouds New England, Quebec

Blazes raging in Canadian forest send clouds hundreds of miles

(Newser) - Massive clouds of smoke from forest fires raging in Quebec have moved south and east across New England, screening the holiday-weekend sun throughout the region. "I just walked to the beach in Sandwich where you can usually see white cliffs in Plymouth, the Sagamore Bridge and sometimes the Provincetown... More »

Everglades Wildfire Claims 33,000 Acres

Blaze threatens endangered sparrow, homes

(Newser) - Nearly 33,000 acres of Florida's Everglades National Park were burning yesterday with only 20% of the blaze contained, CNN reports. A dense smoke warning was in effect in parts of southern Florida as flames threatened an endangered sparrow species and private property. The fire is the latest in a... More »

Smoking May Be Harmful to Your Wii

Nintendo cleans lenses damaged by cigarettes

(Newser) - Here's another reason to stop smoking: It damages your Wii. Some cigarette-wielding users in Japan last month noticed that the much anticipated "Super Smash Brothers Brawl" wasn't working properly, prompting Nintendo to provide free shipping and cleanup of tar-covered disc readers, the Boston Herald reports. Nintendo says the issue... More »

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