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Google Set to Launch E-Books Venture

Google Editions expected by end of year

(Newser) - Google's long-delayed venture into digital book sales has cleared the final few hurdles and execs say Google Editions will be up and running before the end of the year. The service, unlike competitors, won't be tied to an online bookstore or a particular device, and many expect it will upend... More »

Academics Fear Google's 'Orphan Books' Plan

Search king accused of rewriting copyright law to get access to out-of-print works

(Newser) - Google's plan to take millions of "orphan" books under its wing has critics crying foul, the New York Times reports. Google aims to make these out-of-print works—whose rights holders are unknown or cannot be found—part of its mammoth online bookstore and library, a plan some academics say... More »

Spitzer Got 'Too Rough' During Sex: Madam

And was 'real weasel' about not using condoms: book

(Newser) - Ouch. Bounced New York Gov. Eliot Sptizer was "rough and too aggressive" during sex and a "real weasel" about not using condoms, Manhattan madam Kristin Davis spills in her tell-all book online, the Daily News reports. The guv was "good for a call at least once a... More »

Has It Gone, Or Just Gone Online?

NYT columnist gets nervous as Oxford Dictionary hits the web

(Newser) - The Oxford English Dictionary—the 3-volume one with the magnifying glass—has ditched its hard copy and gone digital for good, which makes one "bookish middle-class" writer nervous. "Other totemic college books could go out of style, maybe," Virginia Heffernan writes in the New York Times. But... More »

Top 10 Online Book Sellers

Forbes picks the best based on selection and buyer experience.

(Newser) - Forbes picks the best based on selection and buyer experience.
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5 Stories