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The Software That Ruined Eliot Spitzer

Unusual deposits alerted ever-watchful bank computers

(Newser) - The banks were watching Eliot Spitzer—and they’re watching all of us, too. These days, all large banks and most small ones are equipped with anti-money laundering software, Technology Review explains, which tracks even the most mundane transactions of every customer. Moves that don’t conform to a pattern—... More »

Criminal Charge No Certainty for Spitzer

Resignation could soften prosecutors' stance on NY governor

(Newser) - Although Eliot Spitzer’s political career is over, it remains unclear what legal fate awaits the disgraced New York governor, the Wall Street Journal reports. Spitzer’s resignation wasn’t part of any deal, the feds confirm, but makes him less of a legal target. One possibility is a deferred-prosecution... More »

2 Stories