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Actors Approve Contract, Ending Threat of Strike

(Newser) - The Screen Actors Guild overwhelmingly approved a new contract tonight with the big Hollywood studios, ending an impasse that raised the threat of another strike in the entertainment industry, reports the LA Times. The approval, pushed by a group of top-tier actors such as George Clooney and Tom Hanks, comes... More »

SAG Postpones Strike Vote

Union schedules meeting to iron out division

(Newser) - Facing dissent in the rank-and-file, the Screen Actors Guild is delaying a member vote to authorize a strike, the Los Angeles Times reports. The union’s board will push back balloting slated to begin January 2 to “address the unfortunate division and restore consensus” at a special meeting January... More »

Why Actors Strike Wouldn't Hurt TV

Most episodes are already filmed

(Newser) - No offense, actors, but TV viewers probably wouldn't notice a Screen Actors Guild strike if it happens. Production schedules will suffer, but not nearly like the disruption last year's writers strike caused, reports the Los Angeles Times. Many scripted series are almost done filming for the season, and more of... More »

SAG to Hold Strike Vote as Talks Collapse

Actors, producers battle over internet profits as economy crumbles

(Newser) - The Screen Actors Guild will seek a strike authorization vote from members following a breakdown in two days of contract negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, reports Variety.  If approved, the SAG action would be the second major Hollywood strike of the year, following a... More »

Bollywood Strike Over; Talent Prevails

(Newser) - The 2-day-old strike involving almost 150,000 Bollywood film workers has been settled, the BBC reports. Producers agreed to abide by an agreement that limits filming sessions to 12 hours and provides generous compensation and timely payment. "The strike is over and tomorrow we will resume work," the... More »

Actors Guild Suffers Blow as Smaller Union OKs Contract

AFTRA approval weakens strike chance

(Newser) - Despite a campaign by the larger Screen Actors Guild to convince them otherwise, members of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists yesterday approved a new contract with Hollywood studios, the Los Angeles Times reports. The ratification is seen as signaling weak support for an actors strike as SAG... More »

Actors' Threats Don't Scare Studios

Hollywood doesn't think union will really head for picket lines

(Newser) - The Screen Actors Guild’s contract has expired, but Hollywood remains strangely sublime, Variety reports. This isn’t like the writers strike, conventional wisdom has it, because actors don’t support a strike the way the writers did. “People who are working don't want to go out,” said... More »

Actors Won't Strike—Yet

SAG: members can keep working, pending talks

(Newser) - The contract between the Screen Actors Guild and Hollywood studios expired early today—but SAG has decided to let members keep working for the time being, E! Online reports. The two sides are scheduled to reconvene tomorrow. The Alliance of Motion Picture and TV Producers made it what it called... More »

Studios Brace for Actors' Strike

Production beefed up before contract's expiration

(Newser) - TV and movie studios are scrambling to be as prepared as possible in the event of an actors' strike when the union contract expires Monday, reports the New York Times. Movie studios had long planned to finish projects by the deadline—and TV studios have been rushing productions to finish... More »

Hollywood Strike Talk Might Be Just an Act

As June 30 deadline looms, insiders aren't sure actors will walk

(Newser) - Uncertainty still reigns in Hollywood as the largest actors union, the Screen Actors Guild, faces a pair of tough choices, Variety reports. SAG could try to sabotage a deal reached by the smaller American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, and it will need to get its members to authorize... More »

Strike Fears Grow as SAG Talks End Without Deal

Actors' contract talks with studios shut down on bitter note

(Newser) - Fears of another big Hollywood strike mounted yesterday after strained talks between the studios and the Screen Actors Guild ended without a deal, the Los Angeles Times reports. Negotiations closed on a bitter note after studio representatives walked away, calling the actors' demands unreasonable. "We wanted to stay in... More »

Writers Strike Fallout Lingers Behind the Scenes

Cautious restart means crew members struggle to find work

(Newser) - Even though the writers’ strike ended 2 month ago, TV production crew members are still working less than usual and feeling the financial burn, the LA Times reports. The networks took a cautious approach after the strike, putting many shows on hold until next season and ordering fewer episodes of... More »

Worries Rising Over Looming Actors' Strike

Chances of a walkout are about 50-50, one analyst says

(Newser) - The chances of Hollywood actors going on strike when their contract expires in June are about 50-50, an industry analyst said today. If they walk, it could hurt television networks more than writers' recent 100-day walkout, the Hollywood Reporter says. Studios are still reeling from the WGA strike and can't... More »

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