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ABC Primetime Rips Jon Apart

Chris Cuomo sees midlife-crisis dad exploiting kids in Jon Gosselin interview

(Newser) - Chris Cuomo tears Jon Gosselin apart in an interview on tonight's ABC News Primetime, E! Online reports. Cuomo suggests Jon's soul-mate connection with Hailey Glassman, 22, is just a rebound effect, and laid into the possible new reality show Divorcing Dads, featuring Jon, K-Fed and Michael Lohan, asking what impression... More »

K-Fed Stitches Together Future in Kids Fashion

Britney's ex in talks with designer to create line of clothes for tots

(Newser) - Having tried his hand at backup dancing, celebrity marriage, and rapping, Keven Federline now plans a venture into the world of fashion design, he tells Women's Wear Daily. K-Fed says he's in talks to create a children’s clothing line, and he plans to spin threads with a more reasonable... More »

Vegas Club Pays Big Bucks For K-Fed Bash

He may get $175K for going to his own birthday party

(Newser) - Kevin Federline is so money he's being paid by Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas to show up to his own birthday party, the New York Post 's Page Six reports. Britney Spears' ex, better known as K-Fed, will get six figures—perhaps as much as $175,000—for giving the... More »

3 Stories