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Flight Attendants Feared 'Devilish' Image, Were Fired

United employees refused to fly after seeing words 'BYE BYE' on plane's underside

(Newser) - The underside of a 747 jumbo jet's tail was coated in oil residue, and in it, someone had written the words "BYE BYE" and drawn two faces—one smiling, one with more of a "devilish" look. If you'd be reluctant to board that plane, well, you'... More »

Army Vet Can't Hang Jacket in First-Class Closet

US Airways apologizes after passengers slam treatment on flight

(Newser) - US Airways is trying to contain a PR mess over what passengers on a flight saw as a flagrant insult to an Army vet. As WSOC-TV in Charlotte, NC, reports, it started simply enough when First Sgt. Albert Marle asked a flight attendant if he could hang his heavily decorated... More »

Rogue Wave Kills Mom in Maui

Her husband, 2 children witnessed the accident

(Newser) - Flight attendant Wendi Van Briesen was bodysurfing with 13-year-old son Tanner in Maui when a huge wave turned the family's first vacation to Hawaii tragic, knocking her unconscious, shattering two of her vertebrae, and putting her into a coma. Van Briesen's husband, Aaron, and 11-year-old daughter, McKenna, witnessed... More »

Refused Bathroom Trip, Girl Pees on Plane Seat

Jennifer Devereaux says JetBlue attendant snapped at her

(Newser) - Jennifer Devereaux's little girl had to go to the bathroom, but the flight attendant said no. Soon after, the 3-year-old went anyway—right there on the seat of the JetBlue plane, Reuters reports. "It wasn’t about bad customer service ... it was about bad human decency," Devereaux... More »

Cross-Dressing Branson Pays Lost Bet

Oh, and he shaved his legs

(Newser) - Just another day in the never-normal life of Richard Branson, who today had nothing better to do than shave his legs, smear about two kilos of red lipstick on his face, squeeze into a red skirt, and dump orange juice all over a fellow airline magnate. It was all in... More »

9/11 Flight Attendant's Family Wants Apology at Oscars

They object to use of her voice in 'Zero Dark Thirty'

(Newser) - The opening of Zero Dark Thirty includes the voice of 9/11 flight attendant Betty Ann Ong on a call before her plane hit the World Trade Center, much to the displeasure of her family. So much so that if the film takes home an Oscar tomorrow night, the family wants... More »

Flight Attendants Threaten to Withhold Smiles, Booze

Cathay Pacific workers are in pay dispute

(Newser) - Flight attendants at Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific Airways are threatening to withhold food, alcohol, and even smiles from passengers during the Christmas holidays over a pay dispute, a union official said today. Cabin staff at the airline, which has a reputation for top-notch service, voted at a union meeting... More »

Flight Attendant Busted With Loaded Gun: Cops

Cop accidentally fires it as he examines it

(Newser) - You'd think a flight attendant would know better: Republic Airlines' Jaclyn Luby was rushing through security at the Philadelphia airport when a TSA guard spotted a loaded gun in her handbag. As a police officer examined it, it discharged. Luckily, no one was injured. Luby told authorities she had... More »

Irate Flight Attendant: Get Off If You Have 'the Balls'

American Eagle flight cancelled after nearly 7 hours

(Newser) - Another flight-staff meltdown for the file: New York-to-Raleigh passengers already reeling over a five-hour delay were berated over the intercom by a furious flight attendant who dared them to get off if they "had the balls," the New York Post reports. "I’ve been in five tours... More »

American Air Sues Worker Behind Parody Videos

Fired flight attendant claims paying customers were bumped for airline execs

(Newser) - American Airlines is suing a former flight attendant who has mocked the airline's management in a series of YouTube videos. Gailen David, who was fired a few weeks ago, revealed the flight plans of several airline execs and claimed that the airline had bumped frequent flyers from first class... More »

Ryanair Asks Crews to Lose Weight to Cut Fuel Costs

Amid other desperate attempts to reduce weight on flights

(Newser) - With fuel costs on the rise, Ryanair is desperately trying everything it can think of to shave some weight off its planes—including slimming down its in-flight magazine, serving less ice, and even telling its flight crews to watch their weight, the Telegraph reports. "We cut costs wherever possible,... More »

'Erratic' Delta Attendant Pulled From Flight

Passengers suffered a 3-hour delay as a result

(Newser) - It seems everyone's "erratic behavior" antenna is up these days: A Delta flight attendant was pulled from a Buffalo-to-Atlanta flight after a TSA agent observed, you guessed it, erratic behavior, and was worried he wasn't fit to work the 6:15am flight. The questionable actions haven't... More »

JetBlue Flight Diverted After Pilot's Meltdown

He reportedly screamed about bombs and al-Qaeda

(Newser) - A pilot tore through the cabin of a JetBlue plane yelling about terror threats, warning passengers about al-Qaeda and bombs on board, passengers tell the Amarillo Globe-News . The captain started "shouting, ‘Iraq, al-Qaeda, terrorism, we’re all going down,'" witnesses said. Passengers tackled him and held... More »

Flight Attendant Freaks Out Passengers, Is Detained

She apparently got on PA system, ranted about crashing

(Newser) - Details are still sketchy, but something seriously weird and unpleasant happened aboard an American Airlines flight set to take off from Dallas to Chicago today. Early accounts suggest that one of the flight attendants got on the PA system and began ranting about how the plane was going to crash... More »

Flight Attendants Want Baldwin's 30 Rock Off Airplanes

They're still angry over his criticism of them, airline

(Newser) - American Airlines flight attendants are so furious with Alec Baldwin they want his sitcom banned from their airplanes. The Association of Professional Flight Attendants has asked that 30 Rock be removed from all American Airlines flights in the wake of the very public squabble that erupted when he got booted... More »

Pilot Suspended for Broadcasting Crude Rant

Southwest pilot's mic was stuck as he complained about 'gays, grannies'

(Newser) - A Southwest Airlines pilot was suspended without pay after he accidentally broadcast a rant about his failure to score with the airline's flight attendants to dozens of air traffic controllers and fellow pilots. The airline hires a "continuous stream of gays and grannies and grandes," the man... More »

Staff, Passengers Subdue Would-Be Paris Hijacker

Kazakhstan man holds knife to flight attendant's throat

(Newser) - Flight staff and passengers tackled and subdued a would-be hijacker yesterday after he held a small knife to the throat of a flight attendant and ordered an Alitalia flight from Paris to fly to Tripoli. The plane and all 131 passengers landed safely in Rome. The attacker was identified as... More »

Toddler Stashed in Overhead Bin on Virgin Flight

Axed flight attendant claims he was playing hide and seek

(Newser) - A mom is still sputtering in fury after a Virgin Blue airlines steward stashed her baby boy in an overhead bin during a flight from Sydney to Fiji. Natalie Williamson says the flight attendant placed her 17-month-old son, Riley, in the bin and closed the latch, leaving him in there... More »

Transsexuals Take to Sky on New Thai Airline

PC Air first to hire 'ladyboy' flight attendants

(Newser) - A new airline in Thailand says it is the first in the country, and possibly the world, to hire transsexual flight attendants. PC Air plans to start flying Asian routes in April and four transsexuals—or "ladyboys"—will be among its 30 cabin crew, the Daily Mail reports.... More »

Steven Slater: I Had 'a Few Sips' Before JetBlue Exit

He acknowledges his own 'bad manners' came into play

(Newser) - Steven Slater gave his first extensive interview since his dramatic exit from a JetBlue plane made him a folk hero , admitting to Larry King last night that “the perfect storm of bad manners … created this situation, including my own.” Slater describes the flight he was working... More »

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