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For $89K, McCain's Bus Can Be Yours

(Newser) - The bus that took John McCain from Senate maverick to presidential hopeful can be yours for $89,000, ABC News reports. The Republican’s "Straight Talk Express"—powered by gas, not hot air—is for sale at No word on whether McCain’s planning on an... More »

McCain's Down, But Not Out

History shows that McCain can surge

(Newser) - With Obama pulling well ahead of the Straight Talk Express, "the 2008 campaign seems poised to enter its Harry Truman phase," writes Walter Shapiro in Salon. But a November comeback isn’t out of the question. Shapiro runs down four factors that could push McCain into the White... More »

'Dysfunctional' Campaign Must Go: Kristol

Attacks haven't and won't work, so it's time to go back to basics

(Newser) - John McCain’s campaign isn’t working, and if he’s smart, he’ll “junk the whole thing and start over,” William Kristol writes in the New York Times. McCain’s current “combination of strategic incoherence and operational incompetence has become toxic,” the high-profile conservative argues.... More »

Dowd Dumped From Straight Talk Express

Times scribe banned after Palin diss; stranded in Pittsburgh

(Newser) - Straight talk not only got New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd banned from the McCain-Palin campaign planes, reports the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, it got her marooned in Pittsburgh. After writing a scathing satire of Sarah Palin's candidacy—harsh but hardly unprecedented for the gleefully snarky writer—a stunned Dowd was left... More »

McCain Goes Green ... With Envy

Jealousy of Obama drives Mac's gutter campaign: Dowd

(Newser) - Why is John McCain, "a man who prides himself on honor," taking the low road in his campaign against Barack Obama? For Maureen Dowd, the reason is clear: the Arizona senator is "pea-green with envy." Even more than Bill Clinton or Jesse Jackson, McCain can't stand... More »

McCain Slams Door on Media Straight Talk

Traveling press corps fumes as local reporters gain access

(Newser) - John McCain has taken to emphasizing short sit-downs with local reporters over interaction with the journalists assigned to his campaign, a move that's irking regulars accustomed to plenty of access, Howard Kurtz reports for the Washington Post. McCain strategists say too much media access was preventing their campaign from carving... More »

McCain Advisers Big on Loyalty, Dissension

Infighting between current, former top advisers colors campaign

(Newser) - John McCain’s inner circle is a hotbed of animosity and infighting among his fiercely loyal advisers, Jason Zengerle writes in the New Republic. Years of Freudian feuding by John Weaver and Rick Davis created a team divided not only on personal lines, but also on philosophical ones, between a... More »

McCain Clutches at Shrinking Spotlight

Upcoming tour aims to rally media attention

(Newser) - John McCain is now in a race for media coverage, packing in a full slate of public events through April, Politico reports. The press corps tailing the famously accessible senator has dwindled since he sealed the Republican nomination. Though campaign aides say his Democratic contenders “would rather be us,... More »

Iraq Pullout Would Spur Genocide: Mac

He's off to sell world view on international tour

(Newser) - John McCain charged yesterday that early withdrawal from Iraq proposed by both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton would  trigger "genocide" across the region. He launched his latest attack on his Democratic rivals on the eve of his planned international tour to Britain, France, Israel, Jordan and possibly Iraq to... More »

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