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Astronauts Begin Installing Space Veranda

(Newser) - Two astronauts ventured out on the first spacewalk of shuttle Endeavour's space station visit today to help install a porch on Japan's expansive lab. Veteran spaceman David Wolf and rookie Timothy Kopra got straight to work as they floated out the hatch, 220 miles above the Earth. But their voices... More »

At Last, Endeavour Reaches ISS

Shuttle arrives nearly a month late for construction mission

(Newser) - Space shuttle Endeavour docked today at the International Space Station, an important milestone in its oft-delayed mission, reports. The crew is scheduled to board the ISS later today. When the Endeavour's seven astronauts climb on, they will push the station's total population to a record-high 13. More »

NASA Delays Shuttle Launch

(Newser) - NASA scrubbed space shuttle Endeavour's scheduled launch today after nine lightning strikes were reported near the pad in Florida. Technicians said they found no damage but will need another day to check critical systems. The next launch attempt will be in the early evening tomorrow. Endeavour should have blasted off... More »

Discovery Returns to Earth

Mission saw successful expansion of space station

(Newser) - The space shuttle Discovery swooped back to Earth today after successfully expanding the International Space Station, the AP reports. The shuttle’s seven crew members delivered Kibo, the new billion-dollar Japanese science lab, and a pump to repair a broken toilet. Discovery also brought home flight engineer Garret Reisman, who’... More »

Shuttle Prepares to Head Home

Discovery and space station crews shut the hatches between their vessels

(Newser) - Shuttle astronauts bid farewell to the crew of the International Space Station today and closed the hatch between their spacecrafts, reports. Discovery plans to undock from the station tomorrow morning after a busy weeklong mission and begin a 4-day trip home. The shuttle crew delivered and installed a... More »

Astronaut Waves Robot Arm

Japanese-built device will service equipment from Kibo laboratory

(Newser) - A Japanese astronaut on board the International Space Station successfully unfolded a massive robotic arm from the newly installed Kibo laboratory today, Reuters reports. The arm moved slightly on Saturday, but today’s extension of the 33-foot device was the first full test, reports. The Japanese-built robot had... More »

'Incredible' Final Walk for Shuttle Astronauts

Mundane tasks, spectacular views

(Newser) - Two shuttle astronauts completed their third and final spacewalk yesterday outside the International Space Station, racking up more than 20 hours floating in space. The pair completed maintenance on the station's cooling system and Japanese lab, taking time out to admire spectacular views, reports More »

Now They Can Boldly Go

Astronauts finally fix space station toilet

(Newser) - A Russian astronaut worked like a space janitor for two hours to finally fix a toilet aboard the International Space Station yesterday, the BBC reports. The space shuttle Discovery delivered a new pump for the broken toilet, which has dominated NASA press conferences. "It's something perhaps everyday people can... More »

Astronauts Installing New Lab

Robot arm, Discovery crew members team up to lay groundwork

(Newser) - Two spacewalking astronauts are preparing the enormous Japanese-made Kibo lab for eventual installation on the International Space Station, the Houston Chronicle reports. After getting a late start this morning because of a communications malfunction, Mike Fossum and Ron Garan sped through their checklists and got back ahead of schedule. The... More »

Discovery Launches, With Kibo Aboard

Shuttle also bears a new toilet for space station crew

(Newser) - The space shuttle Discovery blasted into a clear blue sky today, carrying Kibo, a huge Japanese laboratory for the International Space Station. The $1 billion lab will be the station’s biggest room. “This is a real milestone,” said one NASA administrator. The Discovery is also bringing a... More »

Dextre Lives! Space Robot Gets Power

NASA solves glitch; astronauts continue assembly tonight

(Newser) - Dextre's finally getting some juice. Astronauts aboard the international space station solved a glitch last night and got power flowing to their partially built robot, the AP reports. Now they can go ahead with a spacewalk tonight to finish assembling it. “There was obviously some real concern over the... More »

Space Robot Taking Shape

Astronauts begin assembling Dextre, despite early glitch

(Newser) - Astronauts began assembling a 12-foot robot named Dextre last night outside the international space station. The overnight spacewalking mission hit a slight glitch when the robot failed to power up, but NASA officials expect to resolve it soon, the Houston Chronicle reports. Spacewalks on Saturday and Monday will be needed... More »

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