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Dollar Nosedives, Global Markets Tumble

Greenback falls to record lows after Bear buyout, rate cut

(Newser) - The dollar took a pummeling and equity markets in Europe and Asia slumped as worried investors reacted to the Bear Stearns fire sale and the Fed's emergency rate cut. The dollar dropped to a shocking 95 yen, hit an all-time low of $1.59 against the euro, and remained below... More »

Dollar Makes Comeback as Banks Predict Intervention

Greenback back above 100 yen, gains on euro

(Newser) - The dollar made a recovery today after yesterday's disastrous fall, pulling back above 100 yen and gaining against the euro and the pound. The greenback's advance comes as securities firms speculated that the Fed and other central banks will collaborate to safeguard the dollar for the first time in 13... More »

2 Stories