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Dumbest Gaffes on the Economy

Instead of predicting financial crisis, they hid it

(Newser) - The men who should have been warning us about the impending financial crisis were a wee bit off the mark at times. MSNBC rounds up some of the dumbest things said:
  • "Subprime market problems seem likely to be contained."—Ben Bernanke, March 28, 2007
  • "The fundamentals
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JP Morgan CEO Emerges as Wall Street Force

Dimon builds on rep for staying cool in a crisis

(Newser) - JP Morgan Chase CEO James Dimon is a hands-on boss who writes out a detailed to-do list each morning and has managed to keep his company healthy while many of its rivals are ailing or even critically ill, reports the Wall Street Journal. Dimon's focus has been on creating a... More »

JP Morgan, Feds Bail Out Bear Stearns

The investment bank's liquidity crisis forces it to ask for emergency help

(Newser) - Bear Sterns has reached out to rival JP Morgan Chase and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York for emergency funding to reassure investors concerned about the struggling investment bank's deteriorating liquidity, the Wall Street Journal reports. The move is a startling indicator of how hard the subprime virus has... More »

3 Stories