Temple of Jerusalem

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Samaritans: Wiped Away by History and Biblical Rewrites

How the Jews triumphed against a majority religion

(Newser) - Looks like the Jews were once the other worshipers of Yahweh. According to archeological evidence, Samaritans had a dazzling shrine and the Jews only a so-so Temple of Jerusalem about 2,500 years ago, Der Spiegel reports. What's more, the Bible once described Moses as telling his people to... More »

History's Most Badass Jews

Bugsy Siegel, Kerri Strug and, of course, Jesus make the list

(Newser) - The beginning of Hanukkah gave Sam Greenspan the excuse to give us his list of history’s most-badass Jews. Some highlights:
  • The Maccabees: “Led Jewish fighters into battles against the armies of Seleucia, Syria, and Rome … and won,” leading to the rededication of the Temple of Jerusalem
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Celebrate pi, It's 3/14!

Classrooms everywhere fete a most mathematical holiday

(Newser) - Math lovers, rejoice, for today is Pi Day, celebrated in classrooms around the country—preferably at 1:59, which, on 3/14, nearly matches 3.14159, the famed irrational number’s first six digits. “What’s fun about pi is that everyone knows the number,” a math professor tells... More »

3 Stories