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UK Study Warns of 'Pornification'

Calls for crackdown on lads mags, sexist billboards

(Newser) - Britain must crack down on nudity and sex on television, in men's' mags, and on billboards to prevent the 'pornification' of society, a new study warns. The research, commissioned by the government, also rips digitally altered photographs, saying children are being pressured to conform to unrealistic images and gender stereotypes... More »

Businessmen Strip Off the Power Suit

As bankers fall out of fashion, so do their stodgy duds

(Newser) - To the list of casualties of the economic crisis, add the three-button power suit. And don't cry for the fashion industry—men are investing in replacements for their cookie-cutter wool security blankets, making men's clothing priced over $100 one of the few bright spots in the bleak retail landscape, reports... More »

Lad Mags Hurt Mens' Body Image

But it's pics of women, not men, that get guys down

(Newser) - Turns out, guys also get self-conscious when looking at images of sexy women. While studies have shown that women's self-esteem takes a dive when they look at models in Cosmopolitan and such mags, the same holds true for men who browse Maxim and the like, LiveScience reports. The problem for... More »

Foxy Megan Tops Sexiest List

Transformers star rockets to top of FHM poll

(Newser) - Transformers hottie Megan Fox has topped FHM's list of 2008's 100 sexiest women, E! Online reports. Megan bumps last year's winner, Jessica Alba, down to third place, with Jessica Biel coming second. Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie, and Beyonce make the list, with Britney Spears coming in at  No. 100. More »

Naughty Playboy Goes Nice

No full frontal nudity in Philippines' ‘dad mag’ edition

(Newser) - A Philippines edition of dependably naughty Playboy magazine launches Thursday, but fans looking for flesh can forget it, Reuters reports. Instead of aiming at lads, the mag targets mature dads, and religious considerations mean full-frontal nudity is a no-no. It’ll burst instead with well-written articles on “everything under... More »

5 Stories