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FDA Has New Reason You Can't Eat Cookie Dough

It's not the eggs this time, it's the E. coli-tainted flour

(Newser) - The FDA's latest kill-joy for thousands of kids (and their parents) who like to lick the bowl: Don't eat it . And not because of the raw eggs, which can be tied to salmonella poisoning, the Huffington Post notes. This time the culprit is raw flour, which has been... More »

General Mills Recalls 10M Pounds of Flour Over E. Coli Fears

38 people in 20 states have been sickened

(Newser) - General Mills is voluntarily recalling 10 million pounds of flour after 38 people across 20 states contracted E. coli, Food Safety News reports. The E. coli cases were reported between Dec. 21, 2015 and May 3, 2016. The recall includes Gold Medal, Signature Kitchens, and Gold Medal Wondra flour sold... More »

PETA to Kim Kardashian: 'Get a Life'

Animal rights group slams her threat to sue flour-tosser

(Newser) - If you ever wondered what it would take to make PETA look like a rational, down-to-Earth organization that's not given to stunts whatsoever , well, the answer is as simple as it is predictable: Kim Kardashian . The animal rights group, almost as known for ill-advised naked antics as Kardashian herself,... More »

More Celebs 'Attacked' With Food

Kim Kardashian joins Tom Cruise, Anna Wintour, and others

(Newser) - Kim Kardashian laughed it off when she was flour-bombed on the red carpet last night—but the same can't necessarily be said for all of the other celebrities who have experienced a similar "attack" involving food or water. Celebuzz rounds up some others:
  • Tom Cruise: After a reporter
... More »

Kim Kardashian Flour-Bombed

Flour thrower may have been angry about something fur-related

(Newser) - Members of the anti-Kardashian Klub can live vicariously through the woman who threw flour all over Kim last night on the red carpet. Kardashian was in Los Angeles to launch her new fragrance when she found herself covered in the baking product, but after the fire department determined the substance... More »

Sam Growls Over PETA 'Flour Bomb'

PETA dusts 'fur hag' Lohan with flour in Paris

(Newser) - Fur-wearing Lindsay Lohan was "flour bombed" by a PETA activist in Paris over the weekend, and lover Samantha Ronson is whining about it, reports E! Online. "My dog is far more civilized than that person," Ronson sniffs in her MySpace blog. The activist dumped a bag of... More »

Sam's Club Joins Costco in Limiting Rice Purchases

Warehouse chains react to rising prices, apparent hoarding

(Newser) - Sam's Club joined Costco today in limiting how much rice customers can buy, Bloomberg reports. The restrictions by the nation's largest warehouse retail chains come with the price of rice at record highs around the world, which has spurred some to begin hoarding, Bloomberg notes. Sam's Club customers can buy... More »

Costco Sees High Demand for Basics Rice, Flour

CEO attributes run to customer uncertainty over food supplies

(Newser) - Costco is seeing unusually high demand for basics such as rice and flour, Reuters reports, a development the warehouse giant attributes to customer uncertainty over global food shortages. The company, which sells to individual shoppers as well as restaurants, has put limits in place for those items at some stores.... More »

Flour Is Costing a Lot of Bread

The rising cost of wheat is forcing bakers to increase their prices

(Newser) - Consumers are getting hit in the breadbasket as tight flour supplies push bakers’ costs higher, reports the Los Angeles Times. Wheat crop failures, the weak US dollar and more farmers growing corn for ethanol instead of grain have more than doubled the price of a 50-pound bag of flour to... More »

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