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French Baker Who 'Worked Too Hard' Fined $3.7K

He violated law saying bakeries must close one day a week

(Newser) - Is France unfairly punishing hardworking business owners? Or protecting people from overwork? Opinions are split in the case of Cedric Vaivre, the baker who wouldn't take a break. Vaivre, who runs the only bakery in the northern French town of Lusigny-sur-Barse, population 2,000, has been fined $3,700... More »

Hostess Diverted Pension Money to Run Business

Bakers union was fuming over move

(Newser) - For months, Hostess diverted funds intended for employee pensions and used that money to help run the sagging business, the Wall Street Journal reports. It's not clear how much workers lost, and experts say it probably wasn't illegal, but Hostess CEO Gregory Rayburn admitted it was a "... More »

In Gay Marriage, Calif. Sees Economic Love Match

Altar-bound same-sex couples could provide $370M boost to state economy

(Newser) - Lifting the ban on same-sex marriages could prove a boon to California’s economy, as couples waiting for years to tie the knot spend big on lavish nuptials, the Los Angeles Times reports. Wedding planners, bakers, and other related business have seen increasing activity since the May 15 ruling; one... More »

France Finally Wins Bread Battle

World Cup of Baking pits

(Newser) - It's been a dozen years since France won the Baking World Cup, but the baguette's homeland took home the gold today, reports the Wall Street Journal. The drought was odd, because, as America’s coach says, “It's a French competition. And it's bread.” America has won two of... More »

Flour Is Costing a Lot of Bread

The rising cost of wheat is forcing bakers to increase their prices

(Newser) - Consumers are getting hit in the breadbasket as tight flour supplies push bakers’ costs higher, reports the Los Angeles Times. Wheat crop failures, the weak US dollar and more farmers growing corn for ethanol instead of grain have more than doubled the price of a 50-pound bag of flour to... More »

5 Stories