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Severed Heads of Women With Reddish Hair Found in 2 States

Cops in Texas, Louisiana trying to see if there's a connection

(Newser) - Two severed heads in two separate states, but found with striking similarities, have investigators in Texas and Louisiana trying to see if there's a possible link. KHOU reported earlier this month on the first grim find near Lake Houston on March 24, when volunteers cleaning up litter discovered a... More »

How Hair Can (and Can't) Tell Us If Someone Is Dead

Fungus-eaten locks don't mean a missing person is dead

(Newser) - If hair at a crime scene shows signs of a "fungal invasion," forensic scientists may well conclude the hair's owner is dead—but that's not the case, a new study in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B explains. Conventional wisdom has held that the fungi... More »

Even Sun-Dodging Redheads Face High Cancer Risk

Pigment behind their coloring may be melanoma threat

(Newser) - Staying covered up may not be enough. Redheads face a higher risk of melanoma even if they stay out of the sun, a study suggests. That's because the pigment that causes red hair may itself contribute to the deadliest type of skin cancer, the Los Angeles Times reports. "... More »

Sperm Bank Turns Away Carrot Tops

'Too many redheads in relation to demand': bank director

(Newser) - Redheaded men seeking a quick $500 best not turn to the Cryos sperm bank: It's full-up with carrot top donors and is turning them away. "There are too many redheads in relation to demand," director Ole Schou tells the Telegraph . Only women who have an infertile redhead... More »

Surgeons, Please Stop Fearing Redheads

Study busts stereotypes about hemorrhages and hernias

(Newser) - Redheads have a bad rap among surgeons because they're said to have a low pain threshold and to be more prone to hemorrhages and hernias in surgery or afterward. A new study in the British Medical Journal looked into the matter and has some advice for said surgeons: Get over... More »

Scotland's Bad Weather Means More Redheads

Cloudier climes allowed trait to gain in population

(Newser) - The cooler, cloudier climes for northern Europe make for more redheads—particularly in Scotland and Ireland, a researcher says. About 8% of Scots sport a ginger mane, to less than 2% of all Europeans. The theory, Emily Pritchard tells the Times of London, is that genetic traits that allow sun-unfriendly... More »

What Not to Say to a Redhead

Start with 'carrot top' and way-too-personal pickup lines

(Newser) - As a redhead, Rose Martelli has heard every one of your witty comments about her hair, thank you very much. At, she lists what never to say to a redhead. Here's a sampling:
  • Carrot top: Extremely funny. In first grade.
  • Do your drapes match the carpet? "Thank
... More »

Blonds Are More 'Warlike'

Getting more attention makes them more aggressive: study

(Newser) - Blonds might have more fun, but they definitely have more aggression, researchers claim. Fair-haired women are far more likely to fight for their rights than brunettes or redheads, new research has found. They slip into a “warlike” streak because they attract more attention than others and are used to... More »

Britain Bans Anti-Redhead Newspaper Ad

It implies red hair is unattractive, agency says

(Newser) - In another case of redheads fighting back against the injustices of the world, Britain's advertising watchdog has banned a newspaper ad for being "anti-ginger" after three people complained. The ad, for a TV show called Dating in the Dark, reads: "How do you spot a ginger in the... More »

UK Chain Yanks 'Anti-Redhead' Xmas Card

Mom complains about card poking fun at 'gingers'

(Newser) - British supermarket giant Tesco has yanked a card from its shelves that poked fun at redheads after complaints from the outraged, red-haired mother of three redheaded daughters. The company said the card—which pictured a red-headed toddler with Santa and the words "Santa loves all kids. Even ginger ones"... More »

Boy Beaten on Facebook 'Kick a Ginger' Day

Site inspired by South Park episode

(Newser) - Police suspect a boy was attacked at his southern California middle school because a Facebook site urged assaults on redheads. The boy, 12, was beaten twice on a day declared "Kick a Ginger Day" on the Facebook site, inspired by an episode of South Park. Police are continuing to... More »

Kids Attack Redheads on 'Kick a Ginger' Day

Facebook group, inspired by 'South Park,' told teens to kick peers

(Newser) - Inspired by a Facebook page, kids in Vancouver spent a day kicking and punching redheads for fun, the Vancouver Sun reports. Trouble is, being hit hurts. "I was amazed by the amount of people that kicked me," said 13-year-old Aaron Mishkin, who figures he was assaulted about 80... More »

Redheads May Date Back 200K Years

Scientists find evidence of flame-haired Neanderthals

(Newser) - Redheads made up at least 1% of the Neanderthal population, scientists have found by extracting genetic material from fossilized bones. The analyzed DNA yielded a gene that controls melanin production in skin and hair. "We can't say anything for the actual fossils we looked at, but we can be... More »

Redheads Wave Goodbye

Our flame-haired friends are bound for extinction: report

(Newser) - Across the globe, true redheads are declining in number and may soon be gone altogether. More human intermingling has lessened redhead coupling, the Daily Mail reports, and carrot-tops may be no more as soon as 2060. Some scientists make less dire predictions, according to National Geographic, and say the ginger... More »

UK Gingers See Red Over Harassment

Hair-color discrimination a burning issue, say British carrot tops

(Newser) - The UK is ignoring a vicious form of discrimination, the BBC reports—one based not on skin color but hair color. Britain's red-headed schoolkids face bullying, women feel stereotyped, and auburn-haired Britons report harassment with epithets like carrot-top, copper-top, ginger-nut, and even Ronald McDonald. More »

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