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Oceans May Be Out of Fish by 2050

UN warns of doomsday unless fishing industry changes

(Newser) - The world's oceans will run out of fish by 2050 at the rate fisherman are currently scooping them up, UN experts said yesterday, urging governments to impose limits that would allow populations to recover. “If the various estimates we have received come true, then … 40 years down the... More »

Glacial Melt Hit Record in '06

Study finds glaciers lost an average of 4.9 feet of ice

(Newser) - Glaciers shrank an alarming average of 4.9 feet in 2006, the UN Environment Program says—a dramatic difference from ice loss numbers in the ‘80s and ‘90s, when glaciers lost an average 11.8 inches a year. UNEP’s director pointed to "many canaries in the... More »

2 Stories