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Bob Dylan Sued in France for ... Racism?

Croatian group angry about remark in 'Rolling Stone' interview

(Newser) - A Croatian community organization in France is suing Bob Dylan for allegedly inciting racial hatred. The group, CRICCF, said that the singer crossed the line with remarks made in a Rolling Stone interview last year, the Guardian reports. Dylan was riffing on the history of racial animosity in the US... More »

4 Bosnian Serbs Sentenced in 1995 Massacre

Get combined 142 years for slaughter of Muslim Bosnians

(Newser) - Bosnia's war crimes court has jailed four former Bosnian Serb soldiers for a total of 142 years for participating in the execution of Srebrenica Muslims during the country's 1992-95 war. The court sentenced Franc Kos and Zoran Goronja to 40 years in jail, Stanko Kojic to 43 years,... More »

Mladic's War Crimes Trial Halted

Prosecution failed to disclose evidence to defense

(Newser) - Justice for the accused Butcher of Bosnia is once again on hold: Ratko Mladic's war crimes trial was suspended today in only its second day, after it came to light that the prosecution had failed to disclose some evidence against Mladic to the defense as required. It's not... More »

UN Court Convicts Serb General for Balkan Atrocities

Momcilo Perisic gave military aid to Bosnian Serbs behind massacre: court

(Newser) - The Yugoslav war crimes tribunal sentenced the former chief of the Yugoslav army to 27 years in prison today for providing crucial military aid to Bosnian Serb forces responsible for the Srebrenica massacre, as well as a deadly four-year campaign of shelling and sniping in Sarajevo. The case against Gen.... More »

Defiant Karadzic Defends 'Holy' Bosnian War

Former Serb leader rejects genocide accusations as trial resumes

(Newser) - A defiant Radovan Karadzic described the Serb cause as "just and holy" as he opened his defense at his genocide trial yesterday. The former Bosnian Serb leader, on trial over the deaths of 100,000 Muslims and Croats during the conflict in the 1990s, said the Serbs were acting... More »

Bold Gem Heist Gang Is Toast of Serbia

'Pink Panthers' blamed for over 100 daring robberies worldwide

(Newser) - A 200-strong gang of global jewel thieves has become the bane of Interpol and heroes to many in their native Serbia, the Los Angeles Times reports. The "Pink Panthers" live among the many refugees from the Balkan wars scattered around the world. They are blamed for at least 100... More »

Serb Cousins Convicted of Burning 132 People Alive

Torched houses after locking Muslims inside

(Newser) - Two Serb cousins were convicted yesterday by the UN tribunal in the Hague of burning scores of Bosnian men, women, and children to death during the early 1990s. Milan Lukic was sentenced to life in prison for the deaths of "at least 132 Muslim people," whom he locked... More »

Fugitive War Criminal May Be Living Freely

Bosnian TV purports to show Ratko Mladic at wedding, out with family

(Newser) - Bosnian television has aired what it calls footage of Ratko Mladic, the notorious Serbian war criminal on the lam since 1995, including a video it says was filmed last winter, reports the BBC. The footage, whose veracity has been disputed, seems to show Mladic living peacefully in a Belgrade suburb,... More »

Ethnic Violence Erupts at Aussie Open

Serbs, Bosnians throw chairs during Djokovic-Delic match

(Newser) - Violence broke out again at the Australian Open today, as Serbian and Bosnian spectators threw punches, then chairs, at each other in Melbourne Park's garden square. The incident took place as Novak Djokovic, the Serbian defending champion, played his third-round match against Amer Delic, a Bosnian-born American. One woman was... More »

Karadzic: Poet Turned Monster

'Butcher of Bosnia' saw himself as an intellectual and guardian of his people

(Newser) - Serbian strongman Radovan Karadzic viewed himself as a high-minded intellectual but his hardline nationalism drove him to become responsible for Europe's most bestial atrocities since the Nazis, writes the Times of London. The former Bosnian leader, now captured after 12 years on the run, was a poet and author and... More »

UN Official: Guerrillas Killed Serb Prisoners for Organs

Former UN war crimes prosecutor alleges organ-harvesting happened during 1999 war

(Newser) - Kosovan guerrillas killed Serb prisoners and harvested their organs for profit during Balkan fighting nearly a decade ago, according to the former UN prosecutor for war crimes in Yugoslavia. Carla del Ponte alleges that guerrillas trucked 300 captured Serbs over the border to a makeshift clinic in Albania, removed their... More »

UN Forces Withdraw From Kosovo Town

100 hurt in battle to retake courthouse

(Newser) - UN police trying to retake a courthouse were forced to withdraw from the Kosovo city of Mitrovica after clashes with ethnic Serbs, reports the BBC. NATO troops were left in charge of security after the worst violence since Kosovo declared independence; AFP reported at least 100 police and protesters were... More »

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