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Top Pulitzer Prize Goes to Small Newspaper

Post and Courier of Charleston, SC, wins prestigious public service prize

(Newser) - Ready or not, the Pulitzer Prizes are out, with a fairly small newspaper winning the most prestigious prize for reporting. The Post and Courier of Charleston, SC, staffed by 80 people, won the gold medal for public service for its series "Till Death Do Us Part," about the... More »

Chelsea Manning: Military Shouldn't Choose Reporters

An independent board should do it, Manning says

(Newser) - As Iraq apparently erupts into civil war , Chelsea Manning wants us to think about war reporting. Serving a 35-year sentence for revealing classified information, the former Army intelligence analyst recalls in the New York Times how US journalism during the Iraq war was often upbeat compared to the nuanced or... More »

Graphic Teen Suicide Reports May Spur Copycats

Researchers pored over newspaper archives

(Newser) - Graphic and extensive news reports on a teen suicide may lead to more teen suicides, a new study has found. Researchers looked at 48 teen suicide "clusters" in US communities where three to 11 teens killed themselves over a six-month period occurring between 1988 and 1996 (before Internet news... More »

FBI Report Contradicts Benghazi 'Witness'

Dylan Davies told Bureau he never made it to consulate

(Newser) - CBS' 60 Minutes today backpedaled away from an attention-grabbing report on the Benghazi consulate attack that it aired two weeks ago, saying it had "learned of new information that undercuts the account" of its key source, a security officer who was protecting the US mission when it was attacked.... More »

No Fiction Pulitzer Awarded for First Time in 35 Years

Huffington Post, AP, Philadelphia Inquirer , NYT all score prizes

(Newser) - The 2012 Pulitzer Prizes are out, and for the first time in 35 years a Pulitzer for fiction is not among them, reports the AP , which itself snagged an award for its series on NYPD spying. Without further ado, the list of winners:
  • Public service: Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Breaking news reporting:
... More »

Don't Trust Ron Suskind on Politics

New book on Obama full of dubious claims: Jacob Weisberg

(Newser) - You can’t always believe what you read—especially if it’s written by Ron Suskind. The wide-ranging claims made in Confidence Men , his account of the Obama administration, are as dubious as ever, writes Jacob Weisberg in Slate . “Issues of accuracy, fairness, and integrity come up nearly every... More »

LA Times Wins Key Pulitzer

2011 prizes announced today in New York

(Newser) - The Los Angeles Times took home the coveted public service Pulitzer Prize this afternoon for its exposé of widepsread corruption in the city of Bell, Calif. The piece eventually led to the arrests of eight city officials, including the city administrator, who was pulling down $800,000 a year. The... More »

China to Journos: Cover Protests, Lose Your Visa

Activists, lawyers disappear amid 'Jasmine Revolution' demonstrations

(Newser) - As Beijing moves to prevent Middle East-style protests from taking hold in China, officials are issuing a warning to foreign reporters: If you cover the protests, you may lose your visa. Police demanded interviews with dozens of journalists this week after they tried to report on Sunday's “Jasmine Revolution”... More »

Woodward Working on Obama Book

(Newser) - It's almost a political rite of passage at this point: Bob Woodward is writing a book about the Obama administration, reports Gabriel Sherman in the New Republic. No word on the focus, but Sherman notes that Woodward has a knack for making administrations nervous. “Every White House is wary... More »

With News, 'We Get What We Pay For'

Sick media must not die

(Newser) - We know the mainstream media is sick, but it doesn’t have to die, writes Frank Rich in the New York Times. When television appeared, people worried it would eat movies, Broadway, and radio; all these forms still exist, having “learned to adapt and to collaborate with the monster.... More »

Few Minorities Report on the White House

Diversity in Washington journalism remains uneven

(Newser) - Although America is nearing the inauguration of its first black president, the press corps that will be covering him remains largely white, the Washington Post reports. Cable news has delivered a few minority reporters, like CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux and Wendell Goler from Fox News. But the broadcast networks remain... More »

Reporting From Gaza, This Is Joe the Plumber

Campaign celeb tries war journalism for conservative website

(Newser) - Perhaps in an effort to ditch his infamous moniker, Joe the Plumber is swapping plunger for pen. The Ohio businessman, the presidential election’s "average American," will spend 10 days near Gaza covering Israel’s perspective on the conflict for, Internet arm of conservative Pajamas Media.... More »

NYT Slaps Reporter for Facebook Source

Reporter reprimanded for messaging minors

(Newser) - Backlash against the New York Times reporter who contacted minors on Facebook to locate sources has led Times public editor Clark Hoyt to declare, “I would not have sent the messages.” Jodi Kantor, author of last month’s unflattering front-page profile of Cindy McCain, reached out to classmates... More »

Fox Unleashes Attack Dogs on Other Media

Station's PR team jumps at criticism 'like a political campaign'

(Newser) - The Fox News public relations machine makes no bones about skewering those it perceives as foes, writes David Carr in the New York Times. “At Fox News, media relations is a kind of rolling opposition research operation intended to keep reporters in line by feeding and sometimes maiming them,... More »

Minutes Dwindle for Networks' War Coverage

Bureaus cut amid financial concerns; political primary blots out other stories

(Newser) - Middle East correspondents are struggling to get stories on the nightly news as TV networks scale back war coverage, the New York Times reports. With violence in Iraq declining and the US public tiring of an open-ended conflict, network execs have focused on hot topics like the contentious presidential primaries.... More »

Reporters Can't Let Trauma Stop Them

Tough stories are worth it in the end

(Newser) - One North Carolina reporter is still haunted by the horror of rapes and murders she witnessed every day. But her empathy also made her a better reporter, and that’s worth it, Melissa Manware writes in Quill. When readers, particularly former victims, responded to stories, it made “the work... More »

Angry Journalists Get a Website for Ranting easily surpasses imitator,

(Newser) - Ticked-off journalists now have a forum to anonymously vent anger about the demands of their fast-changing profession: A young former reporter created the site because he was disappointed by the direction of the industry and its high turnover, reports the AFP. "It's kind of depressing to see... More »

Is the Internet Bad News for Journalism?

Coverage getting narrower, not broader, new report says

(Newser) - The Internet is changing journalism—but not in the ways many predicted. Contrary to expectations that coverage would broaden, a new report says the news agenda is actually narrowing. The Iraq war and presidential campaign represented more than a quarter of news stories last year, while countries besides Iraq, Iran,... More »

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