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World Wide Web Inventor Gets Another Big Honor

Tim Berners-Lee wins computing's version of the Nobel Prize

(Newser) - Most people who search on Google, share on Facebook, and shop on Amazon have never heard of Sir Tim Berners-Lee. But they might not be doing any of those things had he not invented the World Wide Web. Berners-Lee, 61, is this year's recipient of the AM Turing Award,... More »

As Internet Turns 28, Inventor Issues Warning

Tim Berners-Lee says 3 things must change

(Newser) - When Tim Berners-Lee submitted his proposal for a "World Wide Web" to help the European Organization for Nuclear Research manage its data, he didn't realize he was creating a future that would feature fake news and data-stealing dildos . The British computer scientist marked the 28th anniversary of his... More »

World's Biggest Internet Users ... Aren't Americans

95% of Icelanders online, but Sweden ultimately tops new index

(Newser) - If you think the US has "surfing the Internet" cornered, think again: A new global index evaluates the state of the World Wide Web around the globe, and finds that Iceland actually has the greatest web use, boasting 95% of its population online. The Web Index, put together by... More »

Web Inventor Admits // in Addresses Is Pointless

Berners-Lee wishes he could backtrack on backslashes

(Newser) - Ever wonder what the // in web addresses is there for? So does the man who put the forwardslashes there in the first place. "Really, if you think about it, it doesn’t need the //," Tim Berners-Lee told a New York Times reporter at a tech conference... More »

Web Inventor: Don't Track Me, Bro

Internet creator decries spyware: 'You can't have' my data

(Newser) - He may have created a web that's worldwide, but Internet founder Tim Berners-Lee is very proprietary when it comes to tracking programs, such as Phorm, that allow ISPs to monitor their customers. Berners-Lee says he’d drop any company caught mining his data. “It’s mine—you can’t... More »

5 Stories