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Hunt for Rogue Soldier Turns Into Firefight

South Korean military had known 'Yim' had personality issues

(Newser) - South Korean troops today exchanged fire with a runaway soldier who was surrounded in a forest after he killed five comrades near his North Korea border outpost, a defense official tells the AP. One platoon leader was wounded when the sergeant, identified only by his surname Yim, threw a grenade... More »

Man Steals Identity of ... One of World's Richest Men

It just seems obvious that this was going to end really badly

(Newser) - Ways to land in trouble:
  1. Go AWOL.
  2. Fund your AWOL lifestyle via identity theft.
  3. Snatch the identity of one of the world's richest men.
So goes the case against Brandon Lee Price, who now faces bank fraud charges for allegedly swiping the identity of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, reports... More »

AWOL Afghan Soldiers Turn Up on Facebook

They're apparently in Toronto...and fans of hip-hop, Paris Hilton

(Newser) - Remember that report warning that 17 Afghan soldiers had gone missing from a Texas Air Force base? Well, you can find 11 of them in the same place you can find pretty much anyone these days: Facebook. Fox News easily tracked down the deserters, who've done little or nothing to... More »

'Hiking' SC Gov Returns From Buenos Aires

(Newser) - Mark Sanford is missing no more. The AWOL South Carolina governor surfaced early today at an Atlanta airport, saying he had just returned not from hiking the Appalachian Trail, but from cruising the Buenos Aires coastline, The State reports. As to why his staff said he was hiking, Sanford said... More »

Wandering Gov. Sanford of SC Returning to Work

(Newser) - South Carolina's AWOL governor is expected to be back at work tomorrow, the State reports. Mark Sanford has been incommunicado for several days, save for a fleeting cell phone signal picked up near Atlanta. Aides say he's been hiking on the Appalachian Trail, though his political opponents are skeptical. "... More »

Army Deserter Seeks Asylum in Germany

AWOL soldier says Iraqi war violates international law

(Newser) - Specialist André Shepherd has become the first US military deserter to apply for political asylum in Germany, Der Spiegel reports. Shepherd, who disobeyed orders to redeploy to Iraq from Germany in the spring of 2007, argues in his petition that the Iraq war violates international law. "If I carried... More »

Deserters Fleeing War Go North—Again

In Canada, AWOL troops join forces with Vietnam draft-dodgers

(Newser) - Iraq war deserters aren't crossing the Canadian border in VW buses, but they are trickling across—and connecting with Vietnam draft dodgers who made the same trek 4 decades ago. About 200 Iraq resisters have migrated north, the Washington Post reports. Some grew disillusioned in Baghdad; others went AWOL from... More »

Iraqi Officers Going AWOL in America

About a dozen have skipped out while here for military training

(Newser) - Nearly a dozen Iraqi military and law-enforcement officials have fled specialized training programs in the US, the Washington Times reports. The men are either seeking asylum in this country or are still missing—leading a high-ranking congressman to warn of the national-security implications. An Army spokesman says none of the... More »

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