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A Sister Cracks a Murder Case, a Shocking Discovery Follows

Kalimah Truesdale's memory of the police report seemed off for a reason

(Newser) - Kalimah Truesdale isn't a lawyer or a member of the NYPD. In fact, when she got the call informing her that her brother was being charged with murder, she was at her job at Home Depot. And yet she was "the one who cracked" the 2009 case, Robert... More »

For Wrongfully Convicted Women, Justice Is More Elusive: Lawyers

Lawyers start Northwestern Women's Project to overturn cases

(Newser) - Exonerating women who are wrongfully convicted of violent crimes is no easy task—just ask Kristine Bunch. She got 60 years for supposedly setting the fire that killed her 3-year-old son in 1995, and struggled to find anyone who could help, Mother Jones reports. Finally, lawyers at the Center on... More »

Doggedly Playing Lawyer, Inmate Overturns Conviction

New Yorker imprisoned for murder spends 15 years fighting case

(Newser) - A New York man was jailed for a decade and a half for a murder he maintained he didn’t commit—and finally, after years of legal work behind bars, he was vindicated. The Wall Street Journal tells the story of a feat “so unbelievably hard…that it's almost... More »

Court Voids 2 Terrorism Convictions

Blow to administration as Yemeni defendants get a new trial

(Newser) - An appeals court yesterday overturned the verdicts of two men convicted of terrorist offenses in a case once hailed by the Bush administrations as a major triumph, the New York Times reports. The court ruled that inflammatory and irrelevant testimony prejudiced the trial of a Yemeni cleric and his assistant.... More »

Ex-Qwest CEO's Conviction Overturned

Exclusion of expert testimony nets Nacchio new trial

(Newser) - A federal appeals court overturned Joe Nacchio’s guilty verdict today and ordered a new trial for the ex-Qwest CEO before a different judge, the Denver Post reports. The court ruled that the district judge who presided over Nacchio's trial on insider trading charges erred in excluding testimony from an... More »

5 Stories