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Wealth Isn't Helping the US Anymore

Robert Samuelson believes the recession killed the wealth effect

(Newser) - Normally, when Americans' net worth goes up—say, because the value of their house or their stocks goes up—they spend more money, stimulating the economy. Economists call it the "wealth effect," and it might just have suffered an untimely death as a concept, observes Robert Samuelson at... More »

Romney Is Worth $230M

Forbes pinpoints his net worth

(Newser) - President Obama may not be doing too badly in the personal-finance department , but Mitt Romney is in a whole new stratosphere. After crunching numbers for a month, Forbes has estimated his net worth to be $230 million, which would make him the wealthiest president in US history. Of that, the... More »

Calculate Where You Are in the 99%

'Wall Street Journal' offers a quick calculator

(Newser) - Just how strongly do you identify with the "We Are the 99%" slogan? It's the Wall Street Journal to the rescue, with a nifty little tool that allows you to plug in your salary and see what percentile you're in. (It's based just on salary, not... More »

Millionaires Have 39% of the World’s Money

Less than 1% of the world's population controls almost half of the money

(Newser) - If you're wondering where all your money has gone, odds are a millionaire added it to his or her pile. Although millionaires make up just 0.9% of the world's population, they control 39% of its wealth—up 2% since 2009—according to a report by Boston Consulting... More »

US Millionaires Jump 16% as Market Rebounds

Ranks of rich, ultra-rich rising again

(Newser) - They've had a rough couple of years but America's rich are now getting richer again, according to a report from the Spectrem Group. The number of households with over $1 million in assets—not including the primary residence—jumped 16% last year to 7.8 million. The 69% rally in... More »

UK Billionaires' Ranks Halved in Downturn

Wealthiest lose collective $228B

(Newser) - The number of UK billionaires has been almost cut in half by economic woes, from 75 to 43, with the country’s wealthiest having lost a collective $228 billion, the Times of London reports. The hardest-hit was steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal, who remains Britain’s richest man despite having lost... More »

Clinton, McCain Tax Returns Remain a Mystery

Experts wonder what's lurking in records

(Newser) - As Hillary Clinton and John McCain continue to sit on their tax returns—both candidates have promised to make them public next month—watchers wonder what’s hiding in their file cabinets. Clinton draws particular interest because she and Bill Clinton have seen their wealth balloon from $1.2 million... More »

7 Stories