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Chili Pepper, Pot May Fix Your Ailing Stomach

They both have a chemical that plays a role in easing inflammation

(Newser) - Have an upset stomach? A new study suggests that chili peppers and perhaps a pot brownie might help. It may sound bizarre, but researchers at the University of Connecticut found that a chemical in chili peppers played a role in the calming the gut, at least in mice. What's... More »

Eating Cinnamon May Cool Off Your Stomach

And that's good news for your health, says study

(Newser) - A possible unexpected benefit of cinnamon: A study in Scientific Reports suggests it can lower stomach temperature by up to 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit, Live Science reports. While the study used pigs, researchers say the same should hold true for humans. Eating cinnamon with meals seemed to lowered carbon dioxide... More »

Bar Fined $155K for Toxic Shot That Killed Teen's Stomach

Smoke poured out of girl's nose, mouth right after she drank liquid nitrogen

(Newser) - A UK wine bar is in the hole for a $155,000 fine after a teen ingested a liquid nitrogen shot given to her on the house, became instantly ill, and had to have her stomach removed , the Guardian reports. Gaby Scanlon, now 20, was with friends at Oscar's... More »

Scientists Devise Way to Clean Up Cow Burps

Small molecule could also curb greenhouse gas emissions

(Newser) - Cows are notorious methane gas producers, belching somewhere between 132 and 264 gallons of gas produced by food fermenting in the rumen (one of the four parts of their stomachs) every day. As the Washington Post reports, that's so significant that ruminant animals—including sheep and goats—actually contribute... More »

Probiotics Effective Against Diarrhea: Study

'Friendly' bacteria help ease stomachs

(Newser) - Probiotics seem to shorten the duration of diarrhea, a new analysis suggests. Researchers looked at the results of 65 studies involving probiotics—bacteria often used as a supplement in yogurt or other products—and found that they shortened the duration of diarrhea by an average of 25 hours. Patients on... More »

Gut Bacteria Can Make You Fat

Unhealthy diet encourages efficient micro-organisms

(Newser) - Eating junk food may do a double whammy on your waistline: In addition to the calorie influx, high-fat foods alter intestinal bacteria, actually making it easier to get fat. Obese mice in a new study had significantly more of a specific type of bacteria, Firmicutes, that easily convert food into... More »

Bypass Surgery Looks More and More Like Diabetes Cure

No one knows why, but docs are embracing bypass as a cure

(Newser) - Just why it works is still murky, but the connection between gastric bypass surgery and the reduction—or even elimination—of diabetes is so strong that some doctors are suggesting it as a treatment. “We may have a cure for diabetes,” one tells the Los Angeles Times. While... More »

Surgeons Remove 6 Organs to Save Girl, 7

Child has six vital organs removed so doctors can find a cancerous tumor

(Newser) - A smiling 7-year-old was released from a New York hospital today after surgeons undertook a rare, high-risk operation to save her life, USA Today reports. The operation, performed last month, called for surgeons to temporarily remove her stomach, pancreas, spleen, liver and large and small intestines in order to reach... More »

Stomach Pain Lands Jesse Jackson in Hospital

Chicago docs suspect viral gastroenteritis

(Newser) - Jesse Jackson is being treated in a Chicago hospital today, after being admitted last night with stomach pains, the Tribune reports. Jackson began to feel ill earlier this week, while campaigning for Barack Obama in Georgia. Doctors believe he has viral gastroenteritis, but are conducting more tests. “I have... More »

How Do They Do It? It's Not Pretty

Want a permanently elastic, balloon-like stomach? Try competitive eating

(Newser) - For every time you watched a scrawny guy chow dozens of hot dogs in 12 minutes and wondered where, exactly, he puts it, scientists may have your answer. As compared with us mere mortals, the Wall Street Journal reports, a professional’s stomach appears as a “giant balloon that... More »

New Aspirin Spares Users Stomachaches

Italian scientists alter key molecule in painkiller

(Newser) - Aspirin is one of the world’s top painkillers, but it has a nasty way of attacking the stomach lining. That could soon be a thing of the past, thanks to a team of Italian researchers who have molecularly altered the drug. The new aspirin “has no side effects,... More »

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