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Social Networking Now Trumps Email: Nielsen

Social networking explosion attracting users but not advertisers

(Newser) - Social networking has become more popular than email—but that popularity hasn't translated into profitability, a new Nielsen study finds. Social networking "member communities" such as Facebook are now the most popular Internet activity, according to Nielsen's figures, attracting 67% of global Internet users and still growing fast. Email... More »

MySpace Takes Aim at Yahoo

Social networker seeks to become a portal

(Newser) - Myspace is retooling itself to become a more direct competitor to web portals, specifically Yahoo, BusinessWeek reports. Starting Wednesday, the popular social networking site will unveil changes to its homepage such as news headlines, local weather apps, and entertainment links. More »

How Yahoo Would Improve Microsoft

(Newser) - Yahoo today restated its opinion that Microsoft’s $44.6 billion buyout bid underestimates the online giant’s “combination of unique assets,” but for the first time stated publicly the strengths it would bring to the Microsoft merger, MarketWatch reports. In an investor presentation for the SEC, the... More »

3 Stories