2001: A Space Odyssey

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Obama's Top 8 Sci-Fi Movies and TV Shows

The president laid them out while serving as guest editor for Wired

(Newser) - Perhaps lining up a post-White House gig, President Obama stepped in as guest editor for Wired this week, the AV Club reports. In addition to writing about why "now is the greatest time to be alive," he took the opportunity to list his favorite science fiction movies and... More »

To Prove It Didn't Copy iPad, Samsung Cites Kubrick Film

Argues Apple shouldn't have been granted iPad design patent in first place

(Newser) - In the ongoing patent battle waged by Samsung and Apple, score one point for Samsung—at least in terms of originality. Apple is arguing that the design of Samsung's products is too similar to that of its iPhone and iPad. Samsung, in turn, is trying to argue that it'... More »

Fun Facts About Apple

Computer giant's original logo featured Isaac Newton

(Newser) - Secretive , vengeful , and irresistible, Apple occupies a unique niche in technology and business. Some obscure facts about the company, courtesy of Mashable :
  • The Macintosh was named for a variety of real apple: "Steve Jobs is said to have tried to change the project’s name to 'Bicycle' while
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100 Top Sci-Fi Flicks

(Newser) - Science fiction movies run the gamut from cerebral to "joyful space opera." The writers at Total Sci-Fi run down the 100 best; here's the top 10:
  1. Blade Runner: This "masterpiece," with standout performances from Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer, is "backed up by a real
... More »

Scientists Pitch Massive Mirror Sun Shade to Save Earth

Mastermind convinced $350T project will get off ground in some 20 years

(Newser) - Scientists are proposing a stunning rescue project right out of a science fiction movie to save the earth from global warming: a massive 100,000-square-mile mirrored "sun shade." Trillions of tiny mirrors would be blasted by a cannon into space a million miles above earth to deflect the... More »

Top 10 Historically Flawed Flicks

10,000 BC , Gladiator, and 300 top Yahoo's list of historical misfires

(Newser) - Most historical films forgo a few facts for dramatic flair, but these flicks leave truth to the cutting room floor. Yahoo lists the most inaccurate movies ever:
  1. 10,000 BC: Woolly mammoths weren't around to help build the pyramids.
  2. Gladiator: Emperor Commodus didn't kill his dad... chickenpox did.
  3. 300: Spartan
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Arthur C. Clarke Is Dead at 90

'2001' author shaped space-age thought

(Newser) - Arthur C. Clarke, the sci-fi author who helped shape 20th-century scientific imagination, is dead at 90, the New York Times reports. The co-creator of 2001: A Space Odyssey faced post-polio syndrome in recent decades and died at his home in Sri Lanka due to breathing trouble. “No one can... More »

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