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BofA Raises $13.5B With Share Sale

Bank takes big stride towards meeting 'stress test' condition

(Newser) - Bank of America has sold shares to fill $13.5 billion of the $34 billion capital hole the Fed's "stress test" uncovered in the bank's balance sheet, Marketwatch reports. The bank—taking advantage of a 40% jump in its share price over the last month—issued 1.25 billion... More »

As Life Insurers Face Losses, Next Bailout Decision Looms

Life insurers, a key cog in capital markets, seek TARP funds

(Newser) - Life insurance companies, an oft-overlooked yet important cog in the financial infrastructure, haven’t been immune to tumbling markets, the Wall Street Journal reports, which are eroding both their portfolios and consumer confidence. A Dow Jones life insurance index is off 59% this year and 82% from its 2007 high,... More »

US Will Buy Shares in American Banks

G7 agrees on 'aggressive action plan' after emergency finance meeting

(Newser) - Treasury chief Henry Paulson has announced plans to buy up shares in America's troubled banks, Reuters reports. The government will purchase equity in banks "as soon as possible," using some of the $700 billion approved by Congress to rescue the economy, Paulson said yesterday after a crisis meeting... More »

Stocks Skyrocket as New Rules Boost Financials

(Newser) - Stocks surged this morning, with the Dow shooting up more than 400 points within minutes of the open, and steadying just under that, as investors celebrated new rules clamping down on short selling and the government’s hotly anticipated plan to buy bad debt from banks. The S&P and... More »

Industry Shakeout Clips Hedge Funds

It's a fund-eat-fund world as companies mature, face crunch

(Newser) - A massive shakeout is transforming the world of hedge funds, the Wall Street Journal reports. Tougher market conditions mean smaller funds are merging or closing their doors, and new ones are facing difficulty getting started. The business, which mushroomed from a few hundred firms to 8,000 over a decade,... More »

Economy in 'Sharp Decline,' Paulson Admits

He won't say recession, but treasury secretary comes close

(Newser) - Hank Paulson came closer than ever to conceding that the economy is in recession in a series of interviews yesterday, Reuters reports. Weary after a weekend in which he helped to broker Bear Stearns' fire sale to JPMorgan, the treasury secretary avoided the R-word but admitted: "There's no doubt... More »

6 Stories