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Bogus Study Fools 157 Science Journals

Author says it shows huge flaws in 'open-access' system

(Newser) - An investigation into the world of so-called "open-access" scientific journals has turned up, well, not much scientific credibility. Inspired by colleagues who'd come across some dodgy-looking journals, John Bohannon made up a study describing the anticancer properties of a chemical, then shipped it to 304 open-access journals. (These... More »

FCC Eyes Hiking Phone Bills to Expand Internet Access

Feds want to open networks, but would tax your phone bill to do it

(Newser) - Al Gore may think he created the Internet, but it's the FCC that's looking to make it available to all Americans—and it's considering taxing your phone bill to pay for it. Federal regulators will outline their case today for stepping up government control of Internet and phone services, the... More »

Google Keeps Up Battle for Open-Access Cells

Phone operators balk at plans to loosen mobile networks

(Newser) - Google renewed its battle for open cell phone networks this week by filing for a new patent, CNET reports. The search giant filed to free smartphones from network-carrier agreements so users can tap into whatever connection is strongest and most affordable. But carriers mostly resist the notion, saying tight networks... More »

Palin Used State Politics to Settle Personal Scores

Career reveals history of favoritism, vendettas, secrecy

(Newser) - Throughout Sarah Palin’s political career the Republican vice presidential nominee has played favorites, kept secrets and waged personal vendettas, according to the New York Times. A lengthy examination of the Alaska governor’s record reveals that she appointed at least five former schoolmates to state positions, threatened and fired... More »

FCC Airwaves Auction Sets Record

But a band that required open access drew a low price

(Newser) - The FCC earned a record $19.6 billion auctioning soon-to-be-available airwaves to wireless network providers, the Wall Street Journal reports after months of bidding closed yesterday. While the auction exceeded the $15 billion the agency expected, it could have earned still more if it hadn’t placed restrictions on certain... More »

5 Stories