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Spring's Most Exciting Albums

Courtney Love is just one of many making a comeback

(Newser) - Perhaps you don’t care about Justin Bieber’s upcoming second album, hot on the heels of his first, but you might be a bit more interested in the rest of Rolling Stone includes in its spring music preview. A sampling:
  • Meth, Ghost, and Rae: Wu-Massacre, March 30. Ghostface Killah
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Dixie Chicks Sued for Libel in Murder Case

Lead singer accused plaintiff of murdering 3 boys

(Newser) - Outspoken country music stars the Dixie Chicks are being sued for libel and defamation by the stepfather of one of three 8-year-old Arkansas boys murdered 15 years ago. Plaintiff Terry Hobbs claims Dixie Chicks lead singer Natalie Maines accused him of the murders at a Little Rock rally in support... More »

Singing Marine Sounds Off at Dixie Chicks

Iraq vet takes war at home to the studio with hawkish hit

(Newser) - A Marine back from Iraq and Afghanistan has fired a musical rebuke at the Dixie Chicks for their anti-war hit, "Not Ready to Make Nice."  Cpl. David Thibodeaux's "Not Ready to End the Fight" is hitting America's country dials—including some that shunned the Nashville trio's... More »

3 Stories