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The 'Open Secret' About Drug Expiration Dates

They may still be effective years after they expire, researchers say

(Newser) - Pharmacists who cringe when they have to toss expensive drugs once they expire may be interested to hear this drug dump may be unnecessary—and may be a contributing factor to big waste in the medical industry (estimated to be $765 billion a year), as well as the overall high... More »

Supermarket That Sells Only Expired Food Now Open

Copenhagen's WeFood hopes to cut down on staggering food waste

(Newser) - "Is that milk past its 'sell-by' date? Drink it anyway." So proclaimed the headline of a recent op-ed for the Los Angles Times on the topic of whether "expired" food is OK to eat. Most Americans don't seem to think so: A 2013 study co-authored... More »

We Need a National Standard on Expiration Dates

Too much food is being wasted, say the editors at Bloomberg

(Newser) - Chances are you glance at the expiration date on food before tossing it into your shopping cart. The problem is, those dates are "almost completely arbitrary" and get stamped on there under a system that is "remarkably haphazard," complain the editors at Bloomberg View . They argue that... More »

New Store Will Specialize in ... Expired Food

From the former president of Trader Joe's

(Newser) - Trader Joe's has made a profitable business out of repackaging regular supermarket food in cooler boxes and selling it in funkier surrounds. Now the company's former president wants to do the same thing for ... expired food, reports NPR . A new report has found that 40% of America's... More »

Americans Waste 40% of Food Over Label Confusion: Study

Expiration dates taken too literally, say researchers

(Newser) - Confusion about expiration dates on foods has become an expensive problem, leading to millions of pounds of perfectly good products going to waste. According to a new study from Harvard University and the National Resources Defense Council, misconceptions about food labels lead to about 40% of the nation’s food... More »

US May Toss 75M Doses of Swine Flu Vaccine

Unused shots are near expiration date

(Newser) - More than 71 million doses of the H1N1 vaccine purchased by the federal government to combat an expected flu pandemic will have to be discarded if they go unused, which seems increasingly likely. Those doses were packaged for individual use, which dramatically decreases their shelf life. Of the 229 million... More »

Relax, Expiration Dates Are Nearly Meaningless

Food dating is utterly unregulated, and unreliable

(Newser) - Forget that date on the meat you bought last week; if it looks good and smells good, you can probably just eat it. Expiration dates are just about meaningless, argues Nadia Arumugam on Slate , because food’s deterioration has a lot more to do with how it’s stored than... More »

Old Blood Is Bad Blood: Study

Heart patients whose transfusions sat around have worse survival rates

(Newser) - Donated blood may have a much shorter shelf life than previously thought, finds a study published today in the New England Journal of Medicine. Transfusions using blood at least two weeks old increased heart-surgery patients' post-operative death risk by 30%, researchers discovered, though the current expiration date for blood is... More »

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