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No Plan After High School, No Diploma, Says Chicago Mayor

Proposal would require students to show their next move

(Newser) - Don't have a plan after high school? Don't expect a diploma, says Rahm Emanuel. Under a new proposal from the Chicago mayor, high school students of Chicago Public Schools will need to prove they have a plan for their immediate future before they can graduate, reports the Chicago ... More »

Law Grads Win 'Historic' Court Date Against School

Students accuse California school of fraud over employment stats

(Newser) - Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego is often listed pretty far down the national rankings, with relatively low LSAT scores and a 46% bar passage rate, reports the Daily Caller . And the post-graduation employment rate may be even lower than the 60% the school advertises, which prompted 2008... More »

College's 'Infomercials' Prod Kids to Graduate on Time

University of Akron uses unconventional approach

(Newser) - The University of Akron, like so many other colleges, has surveyed all those students lazily meandering their way through a five- or six-year plan and found them lacking. So, as the Akron Beacon Journal reports, the school is taking a rather non-traditional stab at getting students out of its classrooms... More »

Want to Kickstart Economy? Cut the Dropout Rate

Money invested will be paid back, and then some: Henry M. Levin and Cecilia E. Rouse

(Newser) - In his State of the Union address , President Obama called on all states to require that students stay in school until they graduate or turn 18. It's a good start, but it doesn't go far enough, write economics professors Henry M. Levin and Cecilia E. Rouse in the... More »

Colleges With Lowest Graduation Rates

Golden Gate University tops list at 10%

(Newser) - Graduation rates at US institutions of higher learning have dropped 33% since 2002, a Chronicle of Higher Education study finds, and the recession may be to blame. The Huffington Post lists the 12 colleges with the lowest graduation rates:
  • Golden Gate University, San Francisco: 10%
  • Alliant International University, San Diego:
... More »

Chicago Schools Lag Gains Claimed by Duncan

Test scores in ed secretary's former district trail other cities

(Newser) - In the latest test results, Chicago schools failed to show evidence of the gains claimed by their former superintendent, Arne Duncan, whose success in turning around the struggling system was widely touted when he was nominated for education secretary. Students in Miami, Houston, and New York outscored Chicago in math;... More »

Dropout Rates Turning US Colleges Into 'Failure Factories'

Students' failure to make it to the finish line is dragging down the economy

(Newser) - The failure of America's colleges to turn more freshmen into graduates is doing huge amounts of damage to the economy, David Leonhardt writes in the New York Times. Only half of those enrolled in college emerge with a degree, the worst rate of any developed country except Italy. This dismal... More »

Personality Test to Supplement Grad Exams

Prospective students will be ranked on creativity, ethics

(Newser) - For students applying to graduate school, good GREs and warm recommendation letters will soon not be enough. The Educational Testing Service has developed an index for professors and supervisors to use to rank students on a 1-to-5 scale for attributes like teamwork, creativity and integrity. The goal of the questionnaire... More »

NCAA Penalizes Teams for Classroom Performance

Programs with poor graduation rates face sanctions

(Newser) - The NCAA has handed out sanctions to more than 200 college teams for poor academic performance, USA Today reports. More than a third of the 329 Division I schools had teams with subpar Academic Progress Rates, which means their players' graduation rate was lower than 60%. Twenty-six teams deemed chronic... More »

States Hide Big High School Dropout Rates

They send 1 set of numbers to DC, keep another set at home

(Newser) - Many states report rosy high school graduation rates to Washington but publicize much lower figures at home, the New York Times reports. The higher rates often fail to account for the nation's growing legion of dropouts, but states are leery to give the feds bad numbers in part because of... More »

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