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After the Battle, Army Ants Leave No Soldier Behind

Many ants injured in battle are saved by being carried back to the colony

(Newser) - A new study provides the first evidence that ants rescue members of their own colony post-battle even when those ants aren't in imminent danger, reports the Guardian . The observation came about when biologist Erik Frank was watching army ants march out to battle termites in highly patterned formation—"... More »

1 in 10 Syrians Killed, Wounded During War

Human life, infrastructure, and economy have been 'obliterated'

(Newser) - A recent United Nations report that warned the Assad regime is "exterminating" civilians in Syria at alarming rates is an understatement compared to a new report from the Syrian Center for Policy Research. While other UN numbers, which the group stopped collecting in mid-2015, indicated at least 250,000... More »

Wisconsin Hunter Shoots Deer, She Strikes Back

72-year-old bow hunter wounded a doe and she struck his leg with her head

(Newser) - Sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted, as a 72-year-old bow hunter in Wisconsin recently found out when the doe he struck with his arrow apparently had enough. After the man injured her and attempted to track her, she turned on him. "Apparently the man was going through some thick... More »

Tour Bus Overturns, Injuring 23

Bus from Canada slides down embankment in New Jersey

(Newser) - A tour bus from Canada carrying about 60 people bound for New York City overturned on a highway exit ramp in northern New Jersey early today, slid down an embankment, and landed on its side, injuring 23 people on board, authorities said. The driver, who suffered a gash in his... More »

Harry Reid Slips in Rain, Dislocates Shoulder

He dislocated his shoulder, bruised his head

(Newser) - Harry Reid slipped and fell after a rainy morning workout today, dislocating his shoulder and suffering a head bruise. He was taken to George Washington University Hospital, but after being checked for a concussion or other internal injuries, he was treated quickly and released, Politico reports. The 71-year-old, sporting a... More »

Injured Vets Seeking Closure Return to Iraq

Operation Proper Exit reveals war's progress to wounded

(Newser) - The military has been aiding injured veterans to return to Iraq to help them find closure and assure them that their sacrifices were worth it. Operation Proper Exit—believed to be the first such program to facilitate vets' return to a battlefield while a war is still in progress—has... More »

41 Women, Kids Die in Kuwait Wedding Blaze

Guests stampeded to party tent's only exit

(Newser) - A fire at a wedding near Kuwait City claimed the lives of 35 women and six children today, the BBC reports. Another 60 women and children were also injured as a tent holding the wedding caught fire and caved in over the course of just 3 minutes, causing a brutal... More »

Jamie Lynn's Baby Daddy in Car Crash

(Newser) - Casey Aldridge, father of Jamie Lynn Spears’ daughter, was hospitalized following a car crash early yesterday, People reports. The 19-year-old was charged with careless driving after flipping his truck during a Louisiana bachelor party. Police found no evidence of drugs or alcohol, TMZ notes, adding that three of the five... More »

Cairo Blast Kills French Teen, Injures 17 Schoolmates

Tourists targeted in possible Gaza retaliation

(Newser) - A French teenager was killed and 17 others in her visiting school group were injured when a bomb tucked beneath a bench exploded in a bustling Cairo bazaar last night, the Times of London reports. Police later dismantled a second device in a souvenir market. Three suspects are in custody.... More »

Up to 15 Dead in LA Train Smashup

Commuter and freight trains collide during rush hour, sparking blaze

(Newser) - Ten to 15 people are dead and 70 injured after two trains collided in Los Angeles during rush hour today, the Los Angeles Times reports. At least 10 are critically hurt and dozens are likely trapped after a freight train slammed a Metrolink commuter train and derailed several cars. Firefighters... More »

Chinese Athletes Destitute After Glory Days

80% are jobless, injured, or impoverished

(Newser) - Zhao Yonghua was a Chinese national skiing champion and won several gold medals. But now, at 31, she is bedridden from diabetes, exacerbated by overtraining. With no hope of recovery or employment, the former star finally had to sell one of her gold medals to raise money for treatment. As... More »

Nonprofit Builds Free Houses for Wounded Vets

Mass. group provides 'great ending to bad beginning'

(Newser) - A nonprofit group is putting up customized homes for badly injured vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, the Christian Science Monitor reports. Massachusetts-based Homes for Our Troops is building in 20 states, fueled by donated supplies, land, and labor. “When a vet is in need, people come out of... More »

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