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Forget Sugar; That Dye Can't Be Good for You

Weighing link to kids' hyperactivity, FDA mulls ban on artificial colors

(Newser) - The FDA is weighing a ban on a handful of artificial food dyes in the face of mounting evidence that some of the chemical compounds trigger hyperactivity in children, reports the Los Angeles Times. "The safety testing on these [dyes] was done 30 to 50 years ago," says... More »

Hard to Swallow: 8 Taboo Delicacies

Death-defying gourmet dishes can be tough to find

(Newser) - The return of foie gras to Chicago's menus inspires Newsweek to list dishes still considered too dicey to serve:
  1. Maggot cheese: Injected with larvae that pose health risks
  2. Puffer fish: Incorrectly prepared fugu can be fatal
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More Schools Ban Cupcakes

Holiday parties to substitute fruit, other 'healthy' treats to replace banned sweets

(Newser) - Holiday parties in classrooms around Chicago won't be covered with red and green sprinkles this year, the Chicago Tribune reports. More and more schools are banning cupcakes in favor of "healthy" things like fruit skewers fashioned into reindeer antlers. It's part of a national trend to make special-occasion snacks... More »

Scary Surge in Kid Food Allergies

Peanut allergies in young children doubled in 5 years

(Newser) - Behind the fear of life-threatening peanut allergies stand astounding statistics: between 1997 and 2002, peanut allergies doubled in children under the age of 5. Other childhood food allergies are also skyrocketing, with allergists seeing more children with multiple sensitivities that seem to be lingering longer than they did in the... More »

FDA Flags Chinese Seafood

Officials put the brakes on imports of species tainted with unapproved drugs

(Newser) - Add farmed seafood to the list of unsafe goods imported from China. The FDA will detain three varieties of fish as well as shrimp and eel, the agency said today, after tests revealed the presence of antibiotics and antifungals that aren't approved in the US for use in aquaculture. The... More »

5 Stories