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Report: HHS to Offer 'Conscience Protections' for Medical Staff

Official announcement expected Thursday on agency's new moral and 'religious liberty' rules

(Newser) - A planned Health and Human Services initiative would offer "conscience protections" for medical workers, and women's and LGBT rights advocates are teaming up with doctors' groups to push back against it before it's even announced. It appears a new civil rights division within the HHS would offer... More »

Ebola Workers 'Killed in Cold Blood' in Guinea

Bodies found in septic tank, some with throats slit

(Newser) - A delegation of Guinean government officials, doctors, and journalists arrived in the village of Wome on Tuesday to educate villagers about Ebola. Instead, eight of them "were killed in cold blood," a government rep says, per the Los Angeles Times . Villagers attacked the delegation with machetes, stones, and... More »

America's Hottest Job Pays $9.70 an Hour

Home health care aides are in high demand, but face many problems

(Newser) - The good news for a struggling economy: One home health aide company plans to hire 45,000 aides this year, which should give you an idea of how quickly the business is growing. The not-so-good news: Average hourly pay for a position as an aide, currently the fastest-growing job in... More »

Docs: We'll Quit If Obama Lifts Bush Abortion Rules

Analysts: older regs let health workers avoid certain procedures

(Newser) - Some doctors who oppose abortion say they’ll quit their jobs if President Obama repeals Bush regulations that allow health care professionals to refuse to perform operations that are in opposition with their beliefs, NPR reports. A Christian Medical Association report found that “90% of those surveyed said they... More »

Rule Protecting Anti-Abortion Staffers Sparks Furor

Obama, agencies protest Bush plan that gives more leeway to moral objections

(Newser) - A host of hospitals, pharmacists, state officials and lawmakers—including President-elect Barack Obama—have slammed a last-minute Bush administration rule to protect health care providers from having to perform procedures they find morally objectionable, the New York Times reports. The plan would block federally funded hospitals, drugstores, and other organizations... More »

Bush Rule Shields Docs Who Deny Women Abortions, Pill

New regulation lets health care workers refuse 'immoral' work

(Newser) - Doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other health care workers would have the right to refuse to provide abortion services, contraception or even information on preventing or ending pregnancies under a controversial new regulation issued by the Bush administration. The proposed rule would force hospitals, clinics and other health care providers to... More »

Night Docs Need Electronic Info System to Save Lives

Inadequate handoff details can cost lives

(Newser) - The night-float hospital system, in which one resident works the night shift so that others can sleep, was created so that patients could receive care from rested, focused doctors. But there are rarely mechanisms in place to ensure the night workers have all the patient information they need when they... More »

HIV Scandal Spreads in Kyrgyzstan

Health workers charged with infecting children

(Newser) - Fourteen medical professionals in Kyrgyzstan face malpractice and negligence charges after allegedly infecting 42 children with HIV. The group of doctors, nurses, and a top administrator could receive prison terms of up to 10 years for administering contaminated injections and blood transfusions. Such incidents may be common, one aide worker... More »

8 Stories