New York International Auto Show

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Ford Resurrects Its Iconic Lincoln Continental

Concept car debuting at this week's New York auto show; on sale next year

(Newser) - Elvis Presley had one; so did Clark Gable. John F. Kennedy was riding in one on that fateful day in Dallas. Then the name vanished amid an invasion of foreign luxury cars. Now, thirteen years after the last Lincoln Continental rolled off the assembly line, Ford Motor Co. is resurrecting... More »

Mileage Be Damned, SUV Remains American Darling

(Newser) - Despite predictions of its demise, the SUV is alive and well at the New York auto show this year, Dan Carney writes for MSNBC. Sure, more fuel-efficient models of classic 4x4s make up the majority of the cars on display, but reports that the gas guzzler is passé, emanating from... More »

Car of the Year: Mazda2

Compact gets top world honors at New York auto show

(Newser) - The compact Mazda2 took top honors as World Car of the Year yesterday at the International Auto Show in New York, the Detroit News reports. The car, also known as the Demio in some countries, earned accolades from a panel of international journalists for its combination of performance and price.... More »

Car Makers Prepare for a Crash

Big Three see sales slump ahead

(Newser) - The slumping US  economy is casting shadows over the New York Auto Show, as industry forecasters this week cut their projections for sales of new cars and light trucks in 2008 to less than 15 million, the lowest level in 14 years. Chrysler, GM, and Ford, who had been projecting... More »

4 Stories