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People Are Snorting Chocolate Now

Coco Loko cacao powder delivers a 'euphoric' high, say makers

(Newser) - You can eat it and drink it, so why not inhale it? That's the thinking behind Coco Loko, a new "snortable" chocolate powder billed as a legal way to get high, the Washington Post reports. The newfangled nose candy leaves snorters with a "euphoric" feeling "but... More »

Studios Hot (and Bothered) on Twitter

(Newser) - Movie companies aren't sure yet how big the Twitter effect is in making or breaking films—a spate of negative tweets are reputed to have killed Bruno after a strong opening over the summer—but they're leaving as little as possible to chance. It's the hot new "campaign-management tool,... More »

Tweet a Commercial, Make a Quick Buck

Twitterverse split on ethics of Sponsored Tweets

(Newser) - A new company is brokering deals between businesses and Twitterers who want to make a few extra bucks plugging products, Time reports. The founder of the website Sponsored Tweets says 7,000 enterprising Twitterers have signed up for the service in its first month. Twitterers get paid based on a... More »

He Brings World Peace, One Goofy Dance at a Time

Burned-out video-game designer is now a web sensation

(Newser) - Fred Astaire he's not, but Matt Harding sure inspires the masses. The globetrotting former video-game designer, whose goofy dance set the Internet abuzz, is back at it. His latest video shows him dancing—OK, maybe flailing— with fans from Seattle to Fiji to Rwanda, and it's approaching 2 million hits... More »

$$$ Thrown at Buzz Drive Facebook's Beacon Plans

But it's proving difficult to get right on social networking sites

(Newser) - Facebook's efforts to fix its Beacon system show that talk isn't cheap, as marketers increasingly are finding it’s a great way to spread the word about their product. Word-of-mouth advertising has taken off, with nearly $981 million being spent on campaigns last year, a 36% increase from 2005, reports... More »

iPhone Rings High Note for Apple

Smartphone may surpass hype, drive stock up to $160

(Newser) - With buzz over Apple's new iPhone vibrating on high, investors are betting that Apple's stock—which has doubled in the past year to $122 per share—will climb to upwards of $160. The iPhone hits stores June 29, and is set to achieve Apple's once far-fetched goal of selling 10... More »

6 Stories