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'Cafe Fellatio' May Be Coming Soon to Geneva

If plans are approved, men will be able to order coffee and oral sex at the bar

(Newser) - The menu for a cafe planned in Geneva would be for adult eyes only if a Swiss firm gets its business plans approved. Bradley Charvet, who hails from a local escort agency and who came up with the idea for the so-called "cafe fellatio" (working title only, we assume),... More »

For Nevada Brothels, It's 'Innovate' or Die

Which, as one writer says, means 'survival of the freakiest'

(Newser) - Nevada brothels aren't the hot commodity they used to be: Where there were once 34 licensed brothels in the state, there are now only 19, the Guardian reports, with bordellos closing down on a fairly regular basis—one owner even tried to dump two of his venues on Craigslist,... More »

Village Voice Runs Child Sex Ads: Protesters

Son of founder Norman Mailer joins march against

(Newser) - Protesters marched to the offices of the Village Voice in New York yesterday, slamming the weekly paper for allegedly running ads for child prostitutes in its adult classified section, Among the hundred demonstrators was the son of Norman Mailer, the paper's founder. "This was once a... More »

Three Somali Gangs Busted for US Child Sex Ring

And separately, FBI arrests 99 pimps, frees 69 child prostitutes

(Newser) - Two major victories against child prostitution today: Twenty-nine people have been indicted in a sex trafficking ring in which Somali gangs in Minneapolis allegedly forced girls under age 14 into prostitution in at least three states, according to an indictment unsealed today. The indictment said one of the gangs' goals... More »

Five Prostitution Myths

Surprisingly, it's not always about sex...

(Newser) - In the wake of Craigslist’s “adult services” shutdown , Sudhir Venkatesh refutes five myths about the world’s oldest profession, in the Washington Post :
  • Men aren’t always looking for sex: In fact, while studying high-end sex workers, Venkatesh found that many men who hire prostitutes simply end up
... More »

Swiss Hookers Trained to Use Defibrillators

Town hopes to save lives of elderly sex tourists

(Newser) - Swiss hookers can—quite literally—mend your broken heart. In the Swiss town of Lugano, prostitutes are being trained to use defibrillators to re-start the hearts of their eager but elderly customers. Several men have died doing the deed in Lugano, including a pensioner who recently perished getting busy with... More »

SC to Craigslist: Kill Sex Ads or We Prosecute

Site has not complied with deal to curtail escort outfits: AG

(Newser) - South Carolina's top prosecutor today called on Craigslist executives to take down ads related to prostitution and pornography or face prosecution. “It appears that the management of Craigslist has knowingly allowed the site to be used for illegal and unlawful activity,” wrote Henry McMaster, South Carolina’s AG,... More »

Heady Times for DC Hookers, Coke Dealers

Both are booming as tourists flock to inauguration

(Newser) - Barack Obama has already done his part to boost the economy—for Washington’s prostitutes and drug dealers, who tell New York they’re experiencing quite the boom in business thanks to inauguration travelers. Some prostitutes came into town specifically for the event and are already “pretty booked up;... More »

As Potent Sex Trade Fizzles, Czechs Look to Legalize

Czech Republic, hotbed of sex tourism, sees numbers drop

(Newser) - In the Czech Republic, prostitution is somewhere between legal and illegal—which has made Prague one of the biggest sex tourism hotspots in Europe. But a global recession, coupled with a strong local currency, has led to a sharp drop in the world's oldest profession. The hotel industry is so... More »

Brothels Screwed by Economy

Even sex isn't selling as truckers losing 'play money' bypass Nevada brothels

(Newser) - The flagging economy is threatening to send Nevada's whorehouses to the poorhouse, the Los Angeles Times reports. Managers of some of the state's 25 legal brothels say they have no shortage of newcomers—some as old as 74—wishing to enter the world's oldest profession, but food and fuel prices... More »

San Francisco May Soon Be Hooker Haven

Proposed law would ban cops from arresting prostitutes

(Newser) - San Francisco could soon become the first major city in the US where prostitutes won't be arrested, the AP reports. The city votes next month on the controversial Proposition K to decriminalize sex work. The measure won't actually legalize the trade, but will forbid local law enforcement from investigating or... More »

Afghan Sex Trade Thrives Despite Taboos

900 foreigners hustle in Kabul brothels, but locals do it secretly

(Newser) - Sex is selling in Afghanistan despite Islamic laws that make prostitution punishable by death, the AP reports. At least 900 women do it in Kabul, but residents admit only to brothels full of Chinese prostitutes; to be a native Afghan hooker is "very, very bad," one expert said.... More »

UK Balks at Hooters' Expansion

Opponents say chain will encourage broader sex industry

(Newser) - Some Britons are choking on Hooters' plan to serve up another 35 locations in the UK, the Guardian reports. Britain has one so far, but feminists are already accusing the chain of importing misogyny and sexist entertainment with its chicken wings. "Without the sexualised waiters and the soft porn... More »

Faithfull Shines in Irina Palm

1960s icon plays a grandma-turned-sex-worker

(Newser) - Irina Palm, about a frumpy grandmother who resorts to prostitution so she can pay for her desperately ill grandson's operation, is winning over critics, both because of its unsentimental portrayal of the sex trade and because of the performance given by its star, singer/songwriter/actress and '60s icon Marianne Faithfull. More »

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