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People Really Hate Steph Curry's New Shoes

What's wrong with them? Absolutely nothing, if you're someone's grandpa

(Newser) - While Hillary Clinton is burning Donald Trump on social media, everyone else is burning Steph Curry. Not for any recent screw-ups on the court, but for his new Curry Two Low "Chef" sneakers, released Thursday by Under Armour, reports For the Win . Not that there's anything atrociously hideous... More »

Nike Truly Botched Its Pitch Meeting With Steph Curry

Like 'something hastily thrown together by a hungover college student'

(Newser) - ESPN has a deep and fascinating look at what it calls "the marketing heist of the century": sneaker behemoth Nike losing out on megastar Steph Curry to comparatively tiny Under Armour. Curry is arguably the biggest name in the NBA right now, "a cult of personality so... More »

Adidas Stops Trying To Put Men's Shoes on Women's Feet

The PureBoost X is the rare running shoe actually developed for women

(Newser) - Next month, Adidas will launch a running shoe specifically developed for women. Why is this news, you ask, I've seen plenty of pink sneakers before. Well, those shoes were by and large designed for men then "adapted" for women, Footwear News reports. Or, as Quartz quotes the industry... More »

Adidas' Goal: Win Back Americans

World's no. 2 sports brand struggling in key market

(Newser) - Between 2002 and 2013, Adidas saw its overall market share more than quadruple—but in the US, the German company has recently struggled, with a retail market share of just 7% last year. And in the world of sneakers, that's a big problem: "The US is 40% of... More »

Judge Takes Guy's Sneakers in Lieu of Bail

He can get them back with community service

(Newser) - A Massachusetts man traded his shoes for his freedom last week after the judge gave him a chance to be "creative." Jason Duval, facing jail time for minor drug charges and driving to endanger, told the court that he was going through a divorce and didn't have... More »

Kids Get Drug Dealer's Custom Shoe Collection

As Casey Molina heads to jail, Boys & Girls Club gets donation

(Newser) - A convicted drug dealer in El Campo, Texas, won't need his custom sneakers and hat collection in prison—so they're going to the Boys & Girls Club, the Houston Chronicle reports. Cops found 22 pairs of collector Nike Air Jordans and quite a few sports caps in the... More »

Adidas Wants You to Put Instagram Photos on Shoes

App expected to be out in August

(Newser) - Adidas announced on Instagram yesterday that you'll soon be able to add your Instagram photos to your shoes. Yes, the app to make this possible will be coming out in August for iPhones and Androids. The photos can be applied to Adidas' ZX Flux shoes, which retail for about... More »

Thieves Steal $34K Pair of Sneakers

Gone are Usain Bolt's cleats he wore setting 100M world record

(Newser) - A pair of Usain Bolt's orange cleats were on display in London—until someone stole the signed shoes, which are reportedly worth $34,000. The Jamaican athlete wore the cleats when he set the world record in the 100-meter race in 2009, the Los Angeles Times reports. Now, he'... More »

Lagerfeld, Chanel Trade Heels for ... Sneakers

Couture collection offers a surprise

(Newser) - The footwear at Chanel's summer 2014 couture collection unveiling in Paris yesterday caused the audience to actually gasp, and the New York Times to lead its review with: "Look at the shoes! Look at their SHOES!" What could the models possibly have been wearing? Sneakers. "Flat,... More »

New Balance Pushes Military to Wear US-Made Shoes

New bill would stop soldiers from wearing Nikes

(Newser) - American soldiers should be wearing American shoes. That's the argument behind a new bill that would require all military recruits to wear shoes made in the US. Lobbying hard for the bill? New Balance—which just happens to manufacture all its shoes Stateside and stands to make some $50... More »

Another Factory Collapse Kills 2

Cambodian facility makes Asics sneakers

(Newser) - Another factory collapse is in the headlines, this one in Cambodia. The ceiling caved in at a facility outside Phnom Penh that makes Asics sneakers, reports the AP . At least two workers are dead and seven injured. It's not even close to the scale of the disaster in Bangladesh... More »

New Nikes Record How High You Jump

Digitally-linked shoes track your moves

(Newser) - Next stop for the digital revolution: Your feet. Nike yesterday showed off its new line of Nike+ footwear that keeps tabs on wearers' movements. Pressure sensors and an accelerometer on the shoes can keep track of distance, jumping height, and step frequency, Mashable reports. The data is linked to iPhone,... More »

Another Foot Sneaks Ashore in Canada

Appendage doesn't jog any theories

(Newser) - This mystery has legs. Yet another sneakered foot has washed ashore in Canada, becoming about the 12th such find in four years. The foot, inside a running shoe, with a bit of leg bone attached, was spotted floating along the shore of Vancouver's False Creek, reports AP . The others... More »

Nike Finds Old Waffle Iron That Inspired First Design

Family of co-founder Bill Bowerman unearths it

(Newser) - Nike has back in its possession what the Oregonian calls the company's "Holy Grail"—the waffle iron that inspired co-founder Bill Bowerman to design his first innovative sole. Bowerman's son found the relic buried on his late father's property near Eugene, and the family gave it to Nike.... More »

Nike Plans Self-Lacing Shoes

Can hoverboards be far behind?

(Newser) - Hoverboards may not yet be commonplace, but soon you might be able to live out your Back to the Future fantasies in at least one way: Self-lacing shoes. Nike has filed a patent for sneakers with an “automatic lacing system” that look very similar to the ones worn by... More »

How Kobe Killed Hightops

Once-dominant fashion has gone by the wayside

(Newser) - In case you hadn't noticed, hightop sneakers are on death's door. You can thank big stars like Steve Nash, who's worn low-tops all his life, and Kobe Bryant, whose switch to low-tops last year prompted four of his Lakers teammates to follow suit. Of course, they're not alone. Eighty percent... More »

Nike: We Have No Deal With Vick

(Newser) - Not so fast, Michael Vick. A day after the quarterback's agent announced he had been re-signed by Nike, the sneaker company says it's just not true. “Nike does not have a contractual relationship with Michael Vick," said a spokesman. He added, however, that Vick is getting some free... More »

Chuck Taylor (and Other Sneaker Names) Revealed

No, Adidas is not an acronym

(Newser) - Some sneaker names are obvious—Air Jordan, anyone? But Mental Floss uncovered the origins of some popular brand names that are a bit more mysterious:
  • Converse Chuck Taylor All Star: A former high school basketball star, Chuck Taylor joined the Converse team in 1921 and helped launch the shoe to
... More »

Soul 2 Sole Scans 30 Years of Sneaker Culture

From hip-hop to basketball, these have become more than just shoes to many

(Newser) - David Park, a student at Parsons School of Design, packs 30 years of sneakers and sneaker culture into a stop-action video created for his thesis project, Hype Beast reports. New York in the 1970s is the opener, as Run DMC’s “My Adidas” plays over images of breakdancing kids.... More »

Michelle's $540 Sneaks Fall Flat

(Newser) - It was bound to happen one day: a misstep by Michelle Obama. She fell for a pair of $540 designer sneakers and trotted them out last week at a food bank, no less. Bad move, says the Guardian. Mrs. I'm-all-about-J. Crew should have ditched the colorful suede Lanvin sneaks and... More »

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