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Nuns Sue Their Neighbor: a Strip Club

Nuns: Club Allure has brought bar fights, neon lights, used condoms to yard

(Newser) - A group of nuns in a tiny Illinois town is suing a $3 million strip club that opened in September behind their backyard garden for being unlawfully close to a place of worship. The Missionary Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo—who say in their suit they've suffered through Club... More »

States Offer Banks Immunity From Mortgage Lawsuits

In exchange for up to $25B payoff

(Newser) - State prosecutors are offering big banks an expensive Get Out of Lawsuits Free card. Prosecutors have offered a variety of banks caught up in the “robosigning” scandal immunity from some litigation in exchange for a total of $10 billion to $25 billion in penalties, the Financial Times reports. Some... More »

Google to Fight All Patent Lawsuits

Search firm worries it's seen as easy target for settlements

(Newser) - Google is pursuing a more aggressive litigation strategy in an attempt to curb the number of patent lawsuits filed against it, Bloomberg reports. The company originally tended to settle lawsuits, getting rid of them quickly. But management is worried that doling out settlements has made it look like an easy... More »

Firm Behind Richardson Flap Has Pay-to-Play History

Financial adviser is under investigation, mired in lawsuits

(Newser) - CDR, the Beverly Hills financial firm at the center of the pay-for-play scandal investigation that's snagged New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, is no stranger to the inside of a courtroom. It's being targeted by the SEC, the IRS, and the Department of Justice, the Los Angeles Times reports. The company,... More »

Any Madoff Money Will Be a Long Time Coming

(Newser) - If past fraud cases are a guide, investors rooked by Bernard Madoff will have to wait quite a while to see even a fraction of their initial investments returned, Reuters reports. Court action is notoriously slow, but that’s only half the problem: Recovering money is possible only if it’... More »

Music Industry to Dump Download Lawsuits

RIAA takes new tack in battling online file sharing

(Newser) - After five years of suing everyone from single mothers to teenage girls for illegally sharing music files, the recording industry is dropping the legal campaign that has ensnared 35,000 individuals, the Wall Street Journal reports. Instead, an industry group is making deals with Internet-service providers to warn those sharing... More »

Settling Out of Court Pays Off, Study Finds

61% of plaintiffs who battle it out end up losing money

(Newser) - Taking a civil lawsuit to court tends to be a costly mistake, the New York Times reports. Researchers have found that plaintiffs who reject out-of-court settlements end up with less money 61% of the time, losing an average $43,000. Defendants turned out to be right more than plainfiffs about... More »

Nursing Homes Pressure Patients to Forgo Lawsuits

Elderly required to sign away their right to sue

(Newser) - Nursing homes are pushing patients to give up the right to sue, writing binding arbitration clauses into standard contracts for admission, the Wall Street Journal reports. The homes say the practice lets them concentrate resources on care instead of costly litigation, which soared in the '90s, but critics charge that... More »

When Dumb Lawsuits Attack

Damages claimed for mistaken impressions, aggressive toilet seat

(Newser) - Emotional trauma because she used the men’s restroom? Surfer in pain after losing his wave? The Daily Mirror digs up the silliest lawsuits ever filed:
  1. Whale tale: After their 27-year-old son was found dead on the back of an orca, parents sued SeaWorld for depicting killer whales as huggable
... More »

Doctors Are Sorry, Not Sued

New laws allow doctors to apologize

(Newser) - Lawmakers in nine states want doctors to be able to say they're sorry. So-called  "I'm-sorry" laws, already on the books in 27 states, allow doctors to apologize to patients when they make mistakes, or as expressions of sympathy, without fear of litigation. More »

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