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57K Veterans Still Waiting for Care, Audit Finds

And another 64K have never seen a doctor

(Newser) - The Department of Veterans Affairs' problems extend far beyond its much-maligned Phoenix facility, a new audit has confirmed. In a review of 731 hospitals, investigators found that more than 57,000 patients have been waiting up to 90 days for an appointment, and that another 64,000 had enrolled for... More »

Sebelius Won't Intervene in Transplant Case

Health chief calls young girl's plight 'incredibly agonizing'

(Newser) - The US health secretary said she won't intervene in an "incredibly agonizing" transplant decision about a dying Pennsylvania girl , noting that three other children in the same hospital are just as sick. Kathleen Sebelius told a congressional panel today that medical experts should make those decisions. The 10-year-old... More »

College Waiting Lists Bigger Than Ever

Uncertain economy has schools, students hedging bets

(Newser) - The odds aren't looking good for the 3,382 high school seniors currently wait-listed by Duke—the college thinks it will probably end up taking only about 60 of them. Duke is far from the only college to dump record numbers of applicants into admissions purgatory this year, as economic... More »

Now Taking Reservations for Sometime Next Year

The country's hardest-to-get dinner reservation is in ... Pennsylvania?

(Newser) - Move over, French Laundry. The US' most in-demand dinner seat is in "flyspeck" Kennett Square, Pa., 35 miles from Philadelphia, Portfolio writes. Talula's Table takes reservations for its single, 12-seat table one year in advance. "My parents paid me $30 to stand out here," says one teen... More »

Kidney Swap Might Abate Organ Shortage

Incompatible donor- recipient pairs find matches in strangers

(Newser) - One woman desperately needs a kidney transplant; her husband wants to donate but is incompatible. Across the country, the same scenario. But the healthy spouses match the unhealthy spouse in the other couple and make a reciprocated donation to a stranger. About 230 such swaps have taken place since 2000,... More »

US Faces Tooth Decay Crisis

Millions of uninsured leave cavities untreated

(Newser) - American dentists are getting richer—but teeth are getting worse. A half century of  improvement in dental health is being thrown into reverse because 100 million Americans have no dental insurance and can't afford care, reports the New York Times. It's far more than a cosmetic issue. Two children died... More »

China Has Change of Heart On Transplants

Puts a stop to lucrative transplant tourism

(Newser) - China is rethinking a major medical cash cow: providing organ transplants for Westerners on overcrowded waiting lists at home. "Transplant tourism" has been a particularly popular option in Israel, where insurers are required to pony up  for overseas operations. But health officials recently ruled that organs should not be... More »

Beijing Ban Spurs Organ Shortage

China cleans up for Olympics—and Korean kidney patients feel the pinch

(Newser) - South Korea has a kidney shortage, and the Beijing Olympics are to blame, Der Spiegel reports. China, attempting to clean up its human rights reputation in preparation the 2008 games, has banned organ trafficking and cut down on the state executions that used to create supply. Now countries that used... More »

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