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Family Says Hospital Denied Teen Lung Transplant Over Pot

The 19-year-old nearly died from what started off as the flu

(Newser) - When a teen in Utah was denied a lung transplant necessary to save his life because he had smoked pot a few days prior to coming down with the flu, his family cried foul, reports KSL . Riley Hancey, who is 19 and an avid runner, biker, and skier, says he... More »

Boston Hospital Performs US' 1st Full Face Transplant

25-year-old construction worker gets new face

(Newser) - A Boston hospital has performed the nation's first full face transplant, the AP reports. Dallas Weins, a Texas construction worker badly disfigured and blinded in a 2008 power line accident, underwent a 15-hour operation in which parts of a deceased donor's face were transplanted onto his skull. Weins will not... More »

Live Kidney Donors Should Be Encouraged, Not Doubted

Activist seeking organ gets help from friends

(Newser) - When Frances Kissling learned she needed a kidney transplant, she took a step most people in her situation never do: She asked dozens of friends and colleagues if they would be willing to donate. "I was bowled over by how people responded," the Catholic feminist activist writes for... More »

Docs Pull Off 6-Kidney Swap

Johns Hopkins' 13-hour 'domino' session goes off without a hitch

(Newser) - In a procedure that took 13 hours and involved more than 100 medical personnel, Johns Hopkins Hospital pulled off the US' first six-way kidney transplant, the Baltimore Sun reports. Six donors provided six patients with working organs in Saturday's so-called "domino" procedure. All 12 were listed in good condition... More »

Transplant List Called Misleading

1/3 of patients on the list not eligible for surgery

(Newser) - Thousands of patients on a national list for organ transplants are actually ineligible to receive them, the Washington Post reports. One third of the 98,000 patients on the United Network for Organ Sharing list are either too sick or too healthy to get a new organ. Critics say including... More »

5 Stories