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Take Me Out to the Ballgame... at the Cineplex

Movie theaters boost lagging ticket sales with live broadcasts

(Newser) - Cineplexes are boosting stagnant sales by showing more live broadcasts, the New York Times reports. From the Metropolitan Opera to the Mets, high-def feeds are luring fans for less than the price of a live concert or ball game. "We can now replicate Carnegie Hall across the country,"... More »

Rampaging Bad Santas Shut Down Movie Theater

It's Santa anarchy as drunken vandals trash cinema & trip fire alarm

(Newser) - What the ho? Moviegoing New Zealanders were forced out of a theater when some 50 drunken hooligans dressed as Santa invaded a cineplex, trashing posters and other property, shouting "Ho f---ing ho!" and setting off a fire alarm before running off. Police think the troublemakers were college students,... More »

2 Stories