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MRIs Reveal How Little Lies Snowball Into Bigger Ones

'The brain adapts to dishonesty'

(Newser) - Everybody lies at some point, but scientists say they've uncovered a biological mechanism supporting the "slippery slope" that leads some from smaller acts of dishonesty to larger transgressions. Reporting in the journal Nature Neuroscience , they write that MRI scans allowed them to watch how a particular part of... More »

Why 5 Siblings Walk on All Fours and Can't Stand Up

Scientists call into question a 'reverse evolution' theory about the Turkish family

(Newser) - Some people walk on all fours for fun, or for sport, but not for long stretches and certainly not for ease of mobility. Yet five siblings in a family of 19 in Hatay, Turkey, walk not just primarily but only on all fours, and lack the balance to do otherwise.... More »

Anna Karenina Is Beautiful, Heartless

Critics agree it's beautiful and daring, but have mixed feelings overall

(Newser) - Looking for something a little more brainy than Twilight this weekend? Well, a new adaptation of Tolstoy's Anna Karenina is also hitting theaters, directed by Joe Wright and starring Keira Knightley, but critics are divided on the result. Everyone agrees it looks great, but many believe it lacks heart.... More »

Century-Long Drought Was Mayans' Undoing

Civilization failed 'to adapt successfully to climate change': study

(Newser) - The Mayan civilization collapsed at the hands of "a nearly century-long drought," says a UK-based researcher following a new study that the AFP reports has confirmed an existing climate-change theory. The Mayans' rise and fall "is an example of a sophisticated civilization failing to adapt successfully to... More »

Why Men Get Sicker Than Women

Men 'live fast, die young,' so immunity is traded for sex drive

(Newser) - The phenomenon euphemistically referred to as “man flu”—the notion that men get sicker and sick more often than women—is real, researchers say. British doctors swear the theory is upheld by sophisticated computer models: The male immune system is underdeveloped compared to the female because men are... More »

Pregnancy Boosts Awareness of Bad Vibes

Researchers say finding fits with protective evolutionary adaptation

(Newser) - Women get wiser to the emotional states of upset and angry people around them as their pregnancies progress, perhaps as a way for mothers-to-be to recognize threats. A study asked women to identify the emotions of people in a set of photographs in their first trimester and again near the... More »

Top-Grossing Films of the Decade

The list is populated with sequels, adaptations, remakes

(Newser) - Thanks to a Wikipedia contributor who put together a list of the 50 highest-grossing films of the decade, it’s easy to see Hollywood’s—and, apparently, America’s—obsession with rehashing old material. As The Wrap points out, only nine aren't sequels or adaptations, and you have to reach... More »

Spielberg Hops Onto Harvey Remake

(Newser) - Steven Spielberg pulled a rabbit out of his hat today and signed on to adapt the Pulitzer Prize–winning play Harvey as his next film, Variety reports. First put on the big screen in 1950 starring Jimmy Stewart, the film about a man's friendship with a giant, invisible bunny is... More »

Gay Animals Key to Species' Survival: Study

'Same-sex behavior' seen all over animal kingdom

(Newser) - Homosexual behavior is almost everywhere among animals—penguins, dolphins, even fruit flies. And same-sex bonds may be a key adaptation that helps species survive, the Daily Telegraph reports. One-third of a Hawaiian albatross population is raised by two moms because there are so few males, researchers observed. That adaptation has... More »

Zombies Work in Latest Jane Austen Spinoff

Somehow, style lends itself to the undead ... aliens ... vampires ...

(Newser) - Pride and Prejudice and Zombies has been so well received that one must question “why these silly, campy things work so well,” Monica Hesse writes in the Washington Post. She suggests that it’s not simply because Jane Austen and vampires sell—as the author of the forthcoming... More »

HBO Plans Film Version of 2008 Election Book

Film will look at events from candidates' perspectives

(Newser) - HBO Films has picked up Game Change, a book about the 2008 election, to adapt for the small screen. The book, to be published next year, takes a character-driven look at the campaigns from the perspectives of the candidates and their camps, says Variety. The option continues the network’s... More »

Twilight Draws Box Office Blood

Film gets year's fourth biggest premier

(Newser) - Twilight sucked the box office dry this weekend by banking nearly $71 million and claiming top spot, Entertainment Weekly reports. That makes it the best-grossing film by a female director and among the top 30 premieres of all time. Filling out the weekend's top five: Quantum of Solace, $27.... More »

Hulk Packs a Fun Punch

Critics say action-packed flick will please the summer movie crowd

(Newser) - It’s no Iron Man, but The Incredible Hulk is a crowd-pleaser that comic book devotees and action fans will appreciate, critics say. The second adaptation of the Marvel comic in five years avoids the missteps of Ang Lee’s 2003 moody bust (Hulk) and “embraces its identity as... More »

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