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Verizon Ditching Unlimited Data Plans

New customers to be offered only tiered plans

(Newser) - Verizon is becoming the latest carrier to scrap unlimited data plans in favor of tiered ones. As of tomorrow, new Verizon customers will be offered options ranging from $30 for 2 GB per month to $80 for 10 GB per month, Fierce Wireless reports. Existing customers will be allowed to... More »

iPhones Plod Along on Crowded Network

Heavy-using customers frustrated in busy areas

(Newser) - The iPhone has a slick package and a supercool image--but when it comes to speed, the gadget can be a clunker, the New York Times reports. Customers are fed up with the long waits that stem from heavy traffic on the AT&T network, currently the only one available to... More »

Host Blocks Anti-Koran Film's Website

US provider says flick may violate policy; filmmaker unfazed

(Newser) - Amid public outrage, a right-wing Dutch lawmaker has run into a new problem in his relentless quest to market his anti-Koran film: His US-based network provider has suspended service, AP reports. Network Solutions pulled the plug on Geert Wilders, who insists his 15-minute film will expose Islam's holy book as... More »

3 Stories