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Even More Young People Tilting Toward Democrats

But polls also show support for ObamaCare is at just 26%

(Newser) - Young voters have almost always leaned Democrat, but that trend has intensified drastically since 2006, according to a new Gallup report. From 1993 to 2003, an average of 47% of 18-to-29-year-olds identified as Democrats or independents who leaned Democrat, compared to 42% who identified or leaned Republican; in 1994 and... More »

At 5 Years, US Thinks Obama's a Great Guy, Meh Prez

Public also unhappy with our system of government

(Newser) - Americans like Barack Obama—they're just not totally sold on President Obama. In a new AP-GfK poll , less than a third of respondents said Obama had been an above-average president, even though 58% found him likeable. "He would probably be a guy I would like to hang out... More »

There Are More Liberals Than Ever: Poll

...But conservatives still outnumber them

(Newser) - More Americans are calling themselves liberal today than at any point since Gallup started measuring in 1992, according to a new Gallup analysis—though conservatives still far outnumber them. The ranks of self-identified liberals swelled to 23% in 2013, according to the analysis, which collected data from 13 polls spanning... More »

Obama, Clinton Keep 'Most Admired' Crowns

Though Obama's number has declined substantially

(Newser) - President Obama and Hillary Clinton may still be the most admired man and woman in America, respectively, but 2013 took a huge chunk out of the public's esteem for both of them, a new Gallup poll suggests. Obama won by a huge margin, with 16% of respondents naming him... More »

Mitt Romney Would Win Election Do-Over: Poll

Obama's numbers looking bad in wake of health care rollout

(Newser) - Just how bad are things for President Obama a year into his second term? So bad that if the American people got a mulligan on the 2012 election, there's a good shot we'd be looking at a President Romney. A Washington Post - ABC News poll reveals that... More »

Congress' Approval Rating Hits 39-Year Low

Gallup records lowest figure ever

(Newser) - It is hard to get 91% of Americans to agree on anything, but this is nearing unanimous: Congress stinks. Gallup's latest poll pegs Congress' approval rating at 9%, the lowest mark in the 39-year history of Gallup. The number brings 2013's average to 14%, which would be an... More »

Irate Voters Ready to Throw the Bums Out

Just 4% say we'd be worse off if every Congressman was replaced

(Newser) - The American people want to see some heads roll in Congress, with new polls out today showing that the shutdown has drastically soured voters on just about everyone. Just 4% of respondents said the country would be worse off if every single congressman were replaced in the 2014 elections, while... More »

GOP Popularity Hits All-Time Low: Poll

Plus, 60% of public would throw out all of Congress if it could

(Newser) - America is sick of the Republican Party, a new poll suggests. Just 24% of the public has a positive view of the GOP in the Wall Street Journal / NBC News survey. That's the lowest in the history of the poll, which dates back to 1989. The Tea Party... More »

Poll: Tea Party, GOP Not Really Into Each Other

Support for conservative movement nears record low

(Newser) - The Tea Party movement continues to make its presence felt on Capitol Hill, but its influence over the American people is on the wane. A new Gallup poll shows support for the movement nearing an all-time low at 22%, compared to 27% who oppose the movement. Those who oppose the... More »

Public: Obama Needs Congress' Blessing on Syria

80% say White House shouldn't go it alone

(Newser) - The American people aren't excited about the prospect of attacking Syria, and they overwhelmingly believe that President Obama should get congressional approval before doing it. In a new NBC News poll, a whopping 80% said the White House should get the OK from Congress before attacking. While the Constitution... More »

Who Needs Polls? We Have Twitter

Fabio Rojas reveals a new study showing social media predicts outcomes

(Newser) - Bad news, professional pollsters: Twitter is about to put you out of work. Or at least, that's what sociologist Fabio Rojas is predicting, based on a study he helped conduct. The study found that "Twitter discussions are an unusually good predictor of US House elections," he writes... More »

Surprise: McConnell Trails in Reelection Poll

Alison Lundergan Grimes is in front of Senate minority leader

(Newser) - Mitch McConnell might be in for a nail-biter of a reelection campaign in Kentucky. A new poll from Public Policy Polling shows McConnell in a dead heat with Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes, with Grimes ahead by a chin at 45% to 44%, with 11% undecided. That's well within the... More »

Nobody's Ready to Forgive John Edwards

North Carolina poll shows residents not open to a comeback

(Newser) - Mark Sanford. Eliot Spitzer. Anthony Weiner. It seems everywhere you look there's a politician proving there is life after sex scandal. So Public Policy Polling decided to ask North Carolina if they'd be open to a comeback from once-favored son John Edwards. The response: Heck no. Only 15%... More »

Americans Think Blacks Are More Racist: Poll

Rasmussen finds racial divide

(Newser) - Racism is alive and well in America—among black people. Or at least, that's what a lot of Americans apparently believe according to a new Rasmussen Poll . The poll found that 37% of Americans believe that most black people are racist, while only 15% said the same of whites,... More »

Rahm's Approval Rating: 19%

And only 2% 'strongly approve' of Chicago mayor

(Newser) - Maybe it's a good thing Rahm Emanuel is reportedly considering a presidential run —because he isn't doing so hot in Chicago. The mayor's approval rating has plummeted so far it's within spitting distance of Congress , according to a new Crain's/Ipsos poll , which showed only... More »

State of the Union Advice for Obama

Pundits urge Obama to think big, articulate a vision

(Newser) - President Obama will deliver his State of the Union address tonight, and every pundit out there has an opinion on how he should approach it. A sampling of the day's top unsolicited advice:
  • "It may be tempting to list a series of measures Obama wants Congress to pass,
... More »

90% Want Gun Background Checks

Including NRA members, Republicans

(Newser) - Looks like President Obama was right when he said the majority of Americans support universal background checks for gun buyers—in a huge way. A whopping 90% of the public supports the idea, according to a new New York Times / CBS News poll, including 95% of Independents, 93% of... More »

'Shocked' Romney 'Hastily Composed' Concession

Why the campaign really thought it was going to win

(Newser) - Mitt Romney's surrogates weren't bluffing when they said they thought he would win; they expected Pennsylvania to be close, North Carolina to be a blowout, and Florida to be a comfortable win, they tell CBS News . When none of that happened, Romney "was shellshocked," one adviser... More »

Nate Silver: Why I'm Right

Polling guru explains why his argument is the simplest

(Newser) - Barack Obama's odds of victory ticked up to 80.9% today in Nate Silver's projection model, a fact unlikely to sit well with Silver's growing legion of Republican detractors. While no one is arguing that Mitt Romney is the favorite, some—like Joe Scarborough—are arguing the... More »

Rove: Romney's Going to Win a Squeaker

Poll numbers, early results all in Romney's favor, says Karl Rove

(Newser) - Political guru Karl Rove may be predicting a Mitt Romney win next week, but at least he's keeping his predictions more modest than Dick Morris' " landslide ." Instead, Rove notes in the Wall Street Journal that Romney has a thin lead in national polls—he's ahead in... More »

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