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Prostate Tests Unnecessary After All: Urologists

American Urological Association changes its tune on PSA screening

(Newser) - The American Urological Association did a pretty drastic about-face today, saying that it no longer recommends routine prostate cancer blood screenings for men under 55, and that men aged 55 to 69 should consult their doctors about the risks before undergoing a test. Until now, the group had been a... More »

Don't Be Fooled: Prostate Cancer Screening Is Key

Guidelines against PSA testing could cost lives

(Newser) - A national task force’s recent warning against prostate cancer screenings in some men could put their lives at risk, cautions physician and researcher William J. Catalona in the Washington Post. “It's important to note that consideration was not given to the overwhelming body of emerging evidence that screening... More »

Panel: Don't Screen Older Men for Prostate Cancer

Treatment may be more harmful than helpful after the age of 74

(Newser) - Physicians should stop screening men 75 and older for prostate cancer, according to new guidelines issued by national health task force. Prostate cancer is "overdiagnosed" in up to 44% of cases—that is, the cancer is present but so slow growing that it would probably never produce symptoms in... More »

'Little Blue Pill' is 10 Years Old

Viagra changed sexual landscape

(Newser) - The little blue pill that rescued the sex lives and saved marriages of couples worldwide is 10 years old this month. Viagra, which has been used by some 35 million men, moved the treatment of impotence out of the shadows to lead a multi-billion-dollar industry. The drug has also triggered... More »

4 Stories