Indiana primary

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Cruz Drops Out; Trump Is 'Presumptive Nominee'

'We're going after Hillary Clinton,' says Trump

(Newser) - Ted Cruz is out. The Texas senator is ending his campaign after being routed in Indiana by Donald Trump in Tuesday's primary, reports the AP . Cruz had staged a last stand in the state in the hope of preventing Trump from securing the nomination, but he told supporters that... More »

Sanders Takes Indiana

But Clinton was looking ahead

(Newser) - Bernie Sanders has notched another victory against Hillary Clinton. CNN and other networks called Indiana for him about two hours after all the polls closed at 7 Eastern. He was leading by about 6 points with most of the returns in. "The political revolution wins in Indiana!" tweeted... More »

Obama Friendship Sunk Lugar

Collegiality was one of legendary senator's greatest strengths

(Newser) - Dick Lugar's legendary Senate career came crashing to an end last night, and NPR laments that he was ironically "undone by his greatest strength." There were many reasons Tea Partier Richard Mourdock prevailed—Lugar is 80, ran a bad campaign, and was attacked for not owning a... More »

GOP Lawmakers Holding Out on McCain

At least 14 say they won't endorse candidate

(Newser) - At least 14 GOP lawmakers are refusing to publicly support John McCain’s White House bid, and more than a dozen more are keeping mum about whether they back the senator, the Hill reports. A few say they are supporting their party’s candidate without going so far as endorsing... More »

How the Air Came Out of Clinton's Tires

Poor Ind., NC showings sucked late momentum from her campaign

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton’s campaign was happiest, and picked up the most steam, late in the game, as divisive staffers departed, the blue-collar vote moved into her column and the candidate found her comfort zone. The Washington Post examines the Democrat's final months, noting its rejuvenation after Texas and Ohio victories,... More »

Did Rush's Dittoheads Tilt Indiana for Hillary?

Limbaugh's 'Operation Chaos' may have had a tangible effect

(Newser) - Despite what has been hailed as a strong showing by Barack Obama in Indiana, his campaign claims he would’ve done better but for the sabotage of Rush Limbaugh, the Washington Post reports. Under his “Operation Chaos,” the conservative radio host urged Indiana Republicans to vote for Clinton... More »

Obama Eludes Not Only Clinton, but Media

Pandering populism didn't play—except with pundits, Klein admits

(Newser) - After a career of sober-minded policy politics, Hillary Clinton let loose her inner populist pol in Indiana and North Carolina, Joe Klein writes, and, like much of the media, he thought the showmanship-over-substance (along with Obama's pastor problem) might pull it out for her. But that "shameless populism" proved... More »

Rush Calls Off 'Chaos,' Says GOP Can Beat Obama

Limbaugh calls him 'weakest' of the Democrats

(Newser) - Now that Barack Obama has all but knocked out Hillary Clinton, Rush Limbaugh is calling off "Operation Chaos" and relishing the notion that Obama will be the nominee, CNN notes. Limbaugh has for months urged Republicans to vote for Clinton to prolong the race. Today, he urged superdelegates to... More »

Obama's Must-Fix List

Among his chores: broadening his base of voters

(Newser) - Deeming Hillary Clinton knocked out, John Judis takes a look at Barack Obama’s flaws in the New Republic and finds the Democrat with much to work on before Election Day:
  • His base: Obama has become too dependent on young and black voters, after early success with white men.
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Downtrodden Clinton Aides Grasp at Fla., Mich. Straws

Top adviser: 'We lost this thing in February'

(Newser) - Last night’s primary disappointments have Hillary Clinton's aides skeptical about their candidate’s chances, the Washington Post reports. Advisers say their only hope is a last-ditch push to include results from Florida and Michigan. “Absent some sort of miracle on May 31st, it’s going to be tough... More »

Clinton Looks More and More Like Scarlett

Sherman had nothing on last-ditch assault she's going to mount

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton has morphed into Scarlett O'Hara, Maureen Dowd writes, while Barack Obama seems to be, weirdly, the idealistic, if naive, self Hillary used to be, before the campaign turned her into a hard-bitten political survivor. “Heaven help the Yankees if they capture you,” Rhett told the willful... More »

Obama Claws Back With Key Demos

Surveys show candidate recovering from Pa. setback

(Newser) - Barack Obama romped to victory in North Carolina and almost fought Hillary Clinton to a draw in Indiana by relying on his most loyal coalitions: young voters, African-Americans, and liberals. He also did better yesterday than in recent races among white men, pulling about 40% of that demo in Indiana.... More »

Ind. Nuns Don't Have a Prayer at Polls

South Bend sisters run afoul of strict voter-ID laws

(Newser) - A dozen nuns who lacked proper photo ID were turned away from an Indiana voting booth yesterday—by a fellow nun. None of the nuns, all over 80, had a driver's license because they don't drive, and some presented outdated passports, the AP reports. Their convent has launched a major... More »

Scrambling Hillary Changes the Target

Seeks to add Florida and Michigan to delegate mix

(Newser) - Barack Obama's resounding win in North Carolina and fight to the finish in Indiana has left the Clinton campaign with one final strategy to win the nomination: move the goalposts and play for time. Team Hillary is now telling journalists that the winning candidate actually needs almost 200 more delegates... More »

Clinton Wins by a Whisker in Indiana Primary

Her double-digit lead shrank to 2 points late

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton held on to beat Barack Obama by the slimmest of margins in the Indiana primary, CNN reports. Though Clinton led by double digits early in the night, Obama made a dramatic recovery late and closed the gap to 51% to 49%. Populous Lake County held up the results... More »

Hillary Vows to Go 'Full Speed' to White House

She appeals for campaign money, sounds triumphant note

(Newser) - Though she lost in North Carolina and was locked in a race too close to call in Indiana, Hillary Clinton remained unbowed tonight while addressing supporters, NBC reports. Noting that Barack Obama predicted she'd win Pennsylvania, he'd win North Carolina, and that Indiana would be a "tie-breaker," she... More »

Indiana, NC Voters Rate Economy No. 1 Issue

Voters evenly divided over Wright effect

(Newser) - In exit polling in both Indiana and North Carolina today, voters overwhelmingly said the economy was the No. 1 issue influencing their decision in the presidential primary. In Indiana, 65% said the economy was most important, compared to 60% in North Carolina. Asked if the recession had affected their lives,... More »

And Then? What Each of 3 Dem Results Would Mean

Parsing a Clinton sweep, an Obama sweep and a split

(Newser) - With polls still seesawing as voters pull their levers, maybe it’s best to stop predicting results, and start figuring out what they’ll mean. Adam Nagourney takes a shot in the New York Times:
  • A Hillary Clinton victory in both primaries could “change the world.” Indiana would
... More »

8 Questions on the Table in Today's Primaries

Obama and Clinton face off in what could be decisive contests

(Newser) - Voters in North Carolina and Indiana go to the polls today in what many are seeing as the last major battle in the Democratic race. The Washington Post outlines the stakes.
  1. Has Obama put the Wright controversy behind him? Pretty much, say both sides; it's a media story now.
  2. How's
... More »

Clintons Aim for Suburban Voters in NC

Bill carves rural niche, where 'it doesn't get complicated'

(Newser) - Urbanites in North Carolina prefer Barack Obama, while rural voters side with Hillary Clinton—which is why she spent all weekend trying to sway mixed regions like small cities and far-out suburbs. Obama, meanwhile, is counting on a hidden strength with country folk and his far-reaching publicity machine to win... More »

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