North Carolina primary

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How the Air Came Out of Clinton's Tires

Poor Ind., NC showings sucked late momentum from her campaign

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton’s campaign was happiest, and picked up the most steam, late in the game, as divisive staffers departed, the blue-collar vote moved into her column and the candidate found her comfort zone. The Washington Post examines the Democrat's final months, noting its rejuvenation after Texas and Ohio victories,... More »

Edwards: Obama Set to Win, But I'm Still Not Endorsing

Former third wheel won't say who he voted for

(Newser) - John Edwards again declined to endorse a candidate today, but he said on TV that it looked like Barack Obama would win the nomination—and that he'd be able to bring the Democrats together before Election Day. The former third wheel also refused to say who he voted for in... More »

Obama Eludes Not Only Clinton, but Media

Pandering populism didn't play—except with pundits, Klein admits

(Newser) - After a career of sober-minded policy politics, Hillary Clinton let loose her inner populist pol in Indiana and North Carolina, Joe Klein writes, and, like much of the media, he thought the showmanship-over-substance (along with Obama's pastor problem) might pull it out for her. But that "shameless populism" proved... More »

Just About Out of Ammunition

Clinton made mess in NC—and has all but lost her crucial blue-collar argument

(Newser) - The pundits agree that Hillary Clinton barely has a leg to stand on, though explanations vary:
  • John Dickerson writes in Slate that Barack Obama closed the door on his blue-collar problem, shaking off the elitist label. Evidence is that Obama barely lost among poorer voters and actually won in “
... More »

Obama Claws Back With Key Demos

Surveys show candidate recovering from Pa. setback

(Newser) - Barack Obama romped to victory in North Carolina and almost fought Hillary Clinton to a draw in Indiana by relying on his most loyal coalitions: young voters, African-Americans, and liberals. He also did better yesterday than in recent races among white men, pulling about 40% of that demo in Indiana.... More »

Scrambling Hillary Changes the Target

Seeks to add Florida and Michigan to delegate mix

(Newser) - Barack Obama's resounding win in North Carolina and fight to the finish in Indiana has left the Clinton campaign with one final strategy to win the nomination: move the goalposts and play for time. Team Hillary is now telling journalists that the winning candidate actually needs almost 200 more delegates... More »

Obama Wins Easily in NC

He dominates the black vote, gets about 40% of whites

(Newser) - Barack Obama won the North Carolina primary today, foiling Hillary Clinton's hopes of an upset in her bid to sway superdelegates, the Washington Post reports. It's Obama's first win in a big state since February. Obama won decisively, 56% to 42%. In his victory speech, Obama tweaked Clinton for calling... More »

Indiana, NC Voters Rate Economy No. 1 Issue

Voters evenly divided over Wright effect

(Newser) - In exit polling in both Indiana and North Carolina today, voters overwhelmingly said the economy was the No. 1 issue influencing their decision in the presidential primary. In Indiana, 65% said the economy was most important, compared to 60% in North Carolina. Asked if the recession had affected their lives,... More »

Primary Rules Foil Some NC Republicans

Only Dems, unaffiliated voters have say in Cilnton-Obama tussle

(Newser) - North Carolina Republicans trying to vote in the Democratic primary are being frustrated—the state doesn't allow crossover voting. Rush Limbaugh has urged Republicans to vote for Hillary Clinton to prolong the fight, but election officials say voters' impulses today were genuine. "They see an active presidential election, and... More »

And Then? What Each of 3 Dem Results Would Mean

Parsing a Clinton sweep, an Obama sweep and a split

(Newser) - With polls still seesawing as voters pull their levers, maybe it’s best to stop predicting results, and start figuring out what they’ll mean. Adam Nagourney takes a shot in the New York Times:
  • A Hillary Clinton victory in both primaries could “change the world.” Indiana would
... More »

8 Questions on the Table in Today's Primaries

Obama and Clinton face off in what could be decisive contests

(Newser) - Voters in North Carolina and Indiana go to the polls today in what many are seeing as the last major battle in the Democratic race. The Washington Post outlines the stakes.
  1. Has Obama put the Wright controversy behind him? Pretty much, say both sides; it's a media story now.
  2. How's
... More »

Clintons Aim for Suburban Voters in NC

Bill carves rural niche, where 'it doesn't get complicated'

(Newser) - Urbanites in North Carolina prefer Barack Obama, while rural voters side with Hillary Clinton—which is why she spent all weekend trying to sway mixed regions like small cities and far-out suburbs. Obama, meanwhile, is counting on a hidden strength with country folk and his far-reaching publicity machine to win... More »

Edwardses Open Up About Dem Hopefuls

Elizabeth angered by John's excitement over a 'black presidency'

(Newser) - John and Elizabeth Edwards chatted informally about the remaining Democratic candidates on the eve of North Carolina's primary today. John told People that he admires Hillary Clinton’s “tenacity,” but not her "old politics;” Elizabeth said she favors Clinton's health plan but loves Barack Obama's "... More »

Charlotte Observer Endorses Obama

Wants voters to 'send a message to the world'

(Newser) - Just ahead of North Carolina’s critical Tuesday primary, the Charlotte Observer has endorsed Barack Obama, calling on readers to "send a powerful message to the world."  The paper brushes off the inexperience of "one of the most powerful, effective speakers to seek the presidency in... More »

Obama, Clinton Spar on Iran, Gas

Dems hit competing morning talk shows

(Newser) - Obama likened Hillary's stance on Iran to George Bush's "cowboy diplomacy" on Meet the Press today, while Clinton took to ABC to defend the gas tax and told voters mired in the Jeremiah Wright controversy "We should move on." Tim Russert ignored her advice, however, and devoted... More »

Why Is Edwards AWOL in North Carolina?

Former senator has surprisingly little clout in home state

(Newser) - Why has John Edwards maintained silence as the precarious Democratic contest heads to his home state of North Carolina? Could be, Politico posits, because he knows he has little sway there. According to insiders, the state, which holds its primary Tuesday, knew the senator only fleetingly before he leapt to... More »

NC Gov. to Support Clinton

Backing may boost hopeful, who lags behind Obama in key primary

(Newser) - North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley will back Hillary Clinton before next week's key primary, sources tell CNN. The move may give her a boost in a state where she last lagged Barack Obama by double digits. As a superdelegate, Easely also adds one to Clinton's delegate tally—but Obama added... More »

(Whom) Will Edwards Endorse?

Ex-candidate on the hot seat with NC primary imminent

(Newser) - With the North Carolina primary 1 week away, speculation surrounds John and Elizabeth Edwards, the New York Times reports. The ex-senator may endorse a candidate before the vote, may wait to see how his home state votes—or may sit out the race entirely. What's more, the couple may split... More »

Democratic Voters Flock to Register

One million new voters in last 7 primary states

(Newser) - Democrats are attracting new voters in record numbers, even as the GOP's ranks dip or remain flat. In the seven states that most recently held primaries, more than 1 million new voters registered as Democrats; North Carolina and Indiana have seen triple the Democratic enrollment they did before the 2004... More »

Clinton Calls for Moderator-Free Debate

But Obama had ruled out debates before the next primaries

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton wants one last debate before the Indiana and North Carolina primaries next month, and she’s ready to do it Lincoln-Douglas style. “After the last debate, Sen. Obama’s supporters complained a little about the tough questions,” Clinton told a crowd in South Bend today. “... More »

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