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FCC Gives 'White Spaces' to Wireless

Decision to open spectrum a big victory for Google, tech giants

(Newser) - The FCC has voted to open up an unused chunk of TV airwaves for the delivery of wireless broadband services, Bloomberg reports. The ruling is a huge victory for Google and other technology giants, who backed the measure against fierce opposition from broadcasters. The tech firms say the plan will... More »

Dolly Gives Google Static in Airwaves Feud

FCC to decide today who gets rights to 'white spaces'

(Newser) - Singer Dolly Parton has added her powerful country-music lungs to a battle against Google over an unused chunk of radio spectrum that will be settled by an FCC vote today, the New York Times reports. Tech companies have been pushing for the spectrum to be opened up for public use,... More »

Google Readies for Spectrum Showdown

As TV goes digital, tech giants, broadcasters vie for unused space

(Newser) - Google has launched an aggressive campaign to free up the soon-to-be-emptied "white spaces" of the TV spectrum for Internet devices and broadband access, the San Jose Mercury News reports. The spaces will open up when TV switches entirely to digital in February. Google and other tech giants are hotly... More »

Google Still Wants Unused TV 'White Space' for Wireless Web

Broadcasters remain fearful of interference

(Newser) - Google is re-doubling its efforts to get the FCC to allow the development of unused space in the TV spectrum for wireless Internet service, the Wall Street Journal reports. "The vast majority of viable spectrum in this country simply goes unused," the tech giant wrote to the commission.... More »

4 Stories